Sales teams have a profound number of jobs to do, and one of the most significant complaints reps have is there just isn’t enough time to get it all done. Supporting your team with clear direction, prospecting and outreach automation, and streamlined processes will relieve some pressure and make it easier for the whole team to move opportunities forward faster.

Sales responsibilities consist of prospecting research, lead nurturing, customized and consistent communication, and scheduling meetings to name a few. It’s like being a sales pro, project manager, and account manager all at once. And if your reps drop the tasks they’re juggling, the price can be your company’s reputation and trust with your potential customers, not to mention lost revenue. But hey, let’s mention it anyway because it’s a very real outcome. 

Setting up your team with a best-in-class tech stack and best practices for all the jobs they do is your responsibility and privilege. Here’s what sales teams need to do to get to their most efficient:

1. Target the right accounts with laser focus

Nothing wastes more time than chasing the wrong leads. Having a tightly defined ideal customer profile (ICP) will prevent your team from spinning their wheels with accounts and prospects that are a bad fit from the start. For sales teams targeting life science research and pharma organizations, you’ll need to create highly granular, technical parameters to pinpoint the customers that are a match for your offering.

2. Automate tasks with modern workflows

Modern times call for the right tech stack to support streamlined workflows. Too many manual and ad hoc tasks will overload your reps with non-value add tasks. Spare them the monotony and boredom, as well as wasted effort with the right tools to get all their jobs done. You’ll want to evaluate the following systems:

a. CRM

Unless your company is a startup, you’ve likely implemented a CRM. But ask your sales team if it’s working for them, and you might be surprised to find they’re wasting a lot of time with workarounds or taking shortcuts in an attempt to reduce their burden. A single in-depth conversation can help you understand your team’s pain points. They may benefit from enhanced training, CRM customization, or optimized processes. Think continuous improvement here, and ask your team for regular feedback about their CRM challenges.

b. Automated sales outreach tools

You know that some software makes your tasks a breeze, and others are clunky and add steps where they could be streamlined. Which one of these descriptions applies to your outreach tool? Your team wants you to believe they’re humming along, but a heart-to-heart about your solution will give you insight into what their pain points are on a day-to-day basis.

And if your reps don’t have an automated outreach tool, you’re losing hours of their best effort when you could be empowering them to generate more customized, meaningful communications with your prospects. It might be time to evaluate a few of the available solutions with your team.  Since they’ll be the primary users, they may see the red flags and deal-breakers of the software right away.

c. Fully integrated industry-specific intelligence solution

For life science prospecting, there’s just no way for your team to consistently and efficiently identify your ideal accounts and prospects without some AI magic. It’s like magic because it does what your brilliant reps simply can’t do on their own—sort through the universe of scientific and company data to pinpoint all the organizations that match your ICP. Advancing your team’s prospecting research technology and process will shrink prospecting from a tedious, impossible job to a manageable one. No doubt.

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3. Enhance collaboration

If your inside sales team is supporting an outside sales team, getting all your reps in lockstep will strengthen and shorten everyone’s workflow. And the value of getting on the same page as your marketing team, ensuring your sales team is armed with the latest and greatest content and messaging, can support your growth engine. Regular touch base meetings, including quick, daily stand-ups, are worth considering to ensure consistent communication.

Sharing insights should also be clearly and efficiently managed through your tech stack. Ensure both inside and outside sales reps and your marketing team all have access to the same data, can view all of the tasks and touchpoints, and are fully compliant with data hygiene. When there is a single source of truth, there is less chance of mistakes, misses, and miscommunications.

A repeatable, scalable, streamlined process will generate better outcomes for your sales team, while an enhanced, modern tech stack can help them deliver those outcomes more reliably and easily. It is possible for your sales reps to do all of their jobs well with the right process and support. Once your team has mastered their new workflow, they will be able to achieve more and breathe easier while they do it. Upping your team’s happy quotient pays off for your customers in ways you can’t even measure. But go ahead and try. 

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