Why choose Amplion?

Amplion is dedicated to helping commercial teams targeting biotech, pharma and academia to amplify their growth. It’s our reason for being—because when you succeed, science and medicine move forward.

Amplion’s revolutionary machine learning eliminates the noise and wasted effort of search to fuel your success with precise, targeted account intelligence and leads, automatically. And since we’re dreamers and doers like you, we partner with you to support all your needs, no matter how big or small.


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Because your time is valuable.

“The quality of my leads that I generated was much better because it’s more focused… to my surprise when I looked at the click rates and at the open rates, it was significantly higher than what I was getting. It was 2 to 3 fold higher.”

Rita Issa, PhD
Manager, Inside Sales


What makes Amplion different?

We’re all in for life science commercial teams

Amplion helps sales, marketing, and business development teams navigate the pharma, academic and biotech space with confidence and ease. Our modern, data-driven approach enables teams to grow exponentially, to move the world of health forward faster.

Amplion’s mission is to enable partnerships and collaborations that drive invention to advance health. We’ve come together to solve commercial teams’ greatest challenge—finding customers who are a sound, scientific fit at the moment they’re ready to engage, in much less time.

Deep data delivered your way

Amplion integrates comprehensive business and biomedical sources, because you never know exactly what insights will be crucial to find and win the best opportunities.That’s why we also make it simple to find exactly what matters to you, eliminating the noise so you just get signal that makes sense.

No matter what your role—sales, marketing, or bus dev—Amplion provides the actionable insights you need. You can set up alerts for anything, so you never miss a trigger. And you can choose a cadence and workflow that works how you do, so you never miss a beat.

AI + scientific expertise = success

Fact: there are too many publications, press releases, research and development programs, and corporate details for any person or team to track. That’s why Amplion brought our unique machine learning expertise to this problem.

With data scientists and biomedical experts, we’ve developed proprietary algorithms that behave like an army of PhD scientists and data experts working for you 24/7. With that kind of support, you can take winning to a whole new level.

Simply the best experience ever

Enabling you to crush your goals is serious business. So, we’ve got processes, tools and team members that you can count on, no matter what.

Our experts work with you up front to configure your ideal customer profile and most impactful actionable triggers, so you can deliver rockstar results from day one. And ongoing support is unlimited, so you’re never on your own. We look forward to basking in the glow of your victories.


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