Rev up your sales engine

Fuel account wins with pre-qualified leads and accelerate your teams’ results.

If you’re prospecting for Pharma, Biopharma or Academia accounts that need your company’s technology or looking for key decision makers at your target accounts, Amplion’s machine learning and deep data get you there now.

Amplion enables every team member and puts your whole team on the same page, perfectly aligned on prospecting targets and priorities. With new accounts, real-time selling signals and key contacts pushed directly to your CRM – get ready for more winning!


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“The number of leads that became sales qualified leads was also extremely high. So right now I only do Amplion. It’s easy and it gives me what I need.”

Rita Issa, PhD
Manager, Inside Sales

How does Amplion help sales teams win?

Keep your funnel full and flowing.

By consolidating account, contact, and market research into a single platform, your team saves hundreds of hours of disconnected searching. And your search gets smarter with automated analysis that filters out the junk, giving you a clear understanding of which accounts are your best fit and why. Find even the most elusive opportunities in a snap.

Amplion shows you the people engaged in key programs, by program and account, so when it’s time to connect, you know exactly who to reach out to and how to reach them. With qualified leads, you start your days further down the funnel. Amplified prospecting means more time selling.

Research and Drug Program Search Criteria
Research and Drug Program Search Criteria

Improve your win rates with deep account insights.

Get to know your target accounts better than they know themselves—in the context of funding, stage changes, relevant programs, hiring signals, and more. Know what moves they’re making before they make them, with early sales signals delivered right to your inbox, you can beat your competitors to the deals.

Seeing your target customers’ past, present and future in one place is like having your own crystal ball, providing you the detailed knowledge of each organization and program that will help you dazzle prospects with your insight into their needs.

Elevate everyone’s effort.

Change on your sales team is a constant – promotions, new hires and churn can put your funnel at risk.

Amplion automatically delivers critical sales triggers so you never lose traction with team turnover. And new reps get up to speed faster with access to the prospecting intelligence of your best reps on day one.

Research and Drug Program Search Criteria
Research and Drug Program Search Criteria

Work the way you want to, with a lot less effort.

Amplion fits into your workflow to make your days just…easier. It helps you streamline your prospecting, so you can stop wasting time searching for qualified opportunities and start acting on them.

Amplion CRM integration lets you sync your best opportunities and key contacts directly, so your team can leverage your single source of truth to see all your new insights. Yes, it really is that easy.


Integrated intelligence that fits your workflow

All of your critical data sources in one place. Targeted accounts, relevant sales signals and key contacts – pushed to your CRM.


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