Amp up your pipeline automatically.
Get the programs and prospects that precisely match your company’s capabilities—in a flash. Know when your targets are ready to engage and be armed with insights to wow the dealmakers. Amplion is purpose-built for commercial teams selling to pharma and academia and delivers results while you sleep, so you can rest easy.



Shrink the haystack to reveal your ideal customers


Amplion analyzes millions of pieces of biomedical and business evidence, while enabling you to define detailed criteria for leads that exactly match your capabilities. Your targeted opportunities will be waiting for you on day one with tailored, pre-set parameters that put you in your signal-to-noise sweet spot.
Research and Drug Program Search Criteria
Research and Drug Program Search Criteria

Stay on top of your best opportunities


Flag organizations and programs for immediate access anytime, then you’ll get automatic alerts for meaningful happenings as they unfold. Favorite and tag the most intriguing, actionable events so you can streamline your workflow and ditch the spreadsheets.


Monitor critical sales signals while you sleep


Reclaim your schedule with real-time push notifications of events and new leads, so you can track all the activities that are relevant to your business—effortlessly. Insights delivered to your inbox let you reimagine what you can accomplish every day.
Research and Drug Program Search Criteria
Research and Drug Program Search Criteria

Discover real, relevant contacts


Amplion sources contacts from publications, clinical trial records and public databases to help you identify key decision makers at your target organizations. Continuous updates mean you get the most current contact info to ensure your success.


Rev up your sales engine


Improve your win rates with deep account insights.

Get to know your target accounts better than they know themselves—in the context of funding, recent announcements, relevant programs, market activities, and more—and impress the deal makers.

Win with the team you have.

Master knowledge management with a single source of truth that automatically delivers your account insights so you don’t lose traction with team turnover. And your new reps can access the insights of your best reps on day one.

Keep your funnel full and flowing.

By consolidating account, contact, and industry research into a single platform, your team saves hundreds of hours of disconnected searching. Amplified prospecting means more time selling.



Make your campaigns go further, faster


Craft messaging that hits home.

Leverage incredibly detailed and specific account and market insights to inform your targeted campaigns. Your personalized, contextual communications will show your customers you really get them.

Upgrade automated lead scoring.

With relevant account, contact, and event details pushed directly to your CRM through easy integration, you’ll enrich your leads. Insights like financial readiness, program involvement, and organizational info help you push those MQLs along.

Grow awareness with micro-targeted campaigns.

Forget generic, product-focused campaigns and start engaging the right audience. You get key account contacts for targeted ABM advertising and marketing programs that will really move the needle.


 Unearth targeted partnership opportunities


Get time with the right people.

Getting people’s attention is harder than ever. But with deep insights into your targets’ business and program-specific contacts, dazzling the dealmakers and scoring facetime is all downhill from here.

Find new opportunities faster.

Combine your account, contact, and industry research with a single AI platform so you can find the organizations that fit your ideal partner profile in a snap.

Find ideal partners at the ideal time.

Real-time organization and program alerts help you find partners that match your organization’s capabilities and goals at the moment they’re ready for your solution.


Chart your course with deep data

Over 33 million public and private data sources, combined with unmatched, proprietary machine learning make Amplion the powerhouse you’ve always needed. It finds everything you might otherwise miss and works 24/7, so you don’t have to.

Life Science Orgs Tracked

Biomedical Sources Analyzed
New Sources Analyzed Weekly

Integrated intelligence that fits your workflow

All of your critical data sources in one place. Targeted accounts, relevant sales signals and key contacts – pushed to your CRM.


What makes Amplion different?

We’re all in for life science commercial teams

Amplion is dedicated to helping in-house and field sales teams, upstream and downstream marketers, and business development teams navigate the pharma, academic and biotech space using deep data.

Our team is composed of data scientists and life science professionals who have come together to solve commercial teams’ greatest challenge—finding customers who are a sound, scientific fit at the moment they’re ready to engage, in the precious little time they have.

Deep data delivered your way

No matter what your role, we’ve got a tailored workflow for you. Amplion offers a lot of data. Because you never know what insights you might need. Frankly, it’s just too much for most people to handle.

That’s why we provide easy search and save tools to manage how much you see and how you engage with your data, so you can fit Amplion into your workflow, instead of changing how you work to suit us. We’d be flattered, but it would kind of defeat our purpose.

Machine learning is awesome

Fact: there are too many publications, press releases, conference abstracts, research and clinical programs, funding events and corporate details for any person or team to track. That’s where machine learning comes in. With data scientists and biomedical experts, we’ve developed proprietary algorithms that get smarter every day.

Simply the best experience ever

Enabling our customers to crush their goals is serious business. So, we’ve got processes, tools and team members that you can count on. There are on-demand training and tips, dedicated customer success managers, and comprehensive onboarding to ensure you’re enabled to deliver rockstar results. We look forward to basking in the glow of your victories.



Life Science Teams Rely on Amplion to Hit Their Numbers

We put best-in-class data and technology at the epicenter of marketing and sales productivity to drive revenue growth.

See how Amplion enables shiny, new opportunities. Automatically.