Make your campaigns go further, faster

Optimize your team’s effectiveness with data-driven insights and enriched lead scoring.

Marketing effectively to Pharma, Biopharma and Academia accounts requires you to target the right accounts and leads with messages that resonate. With Amplion, you’ll get leads that exactly match your ideal customer profile, accompanied by the insights you need to create campaigns that convert.

Amplion puts your whole team—sales and marketing—on the same page. Advanced lead scoring insights pushed directly to your CRM help qualify your leads faster and more accurately. Your sales team will cheer your MQLs and you can all get ready for more winning!


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“I recently spent three weeks manually scanning 600 clinical trials for prostate cancer trends, only to find less than ¼ were relevant and I still missed some very important ones. I’m excited to never have to do that again since we’re using Amplion to identify our matching opportunities from now on.”
Director Product Marketing

Leading Test Platform Provider

How does Amplion help marketing teams win?

Craft messaging that hits home.

Leverage incredibly detailed and specific account and market insights to inform your inbound campaigns. Your communications will show your customers you really get them. Align sales and marketing knowledge and goals to build compelling campaigns that convert.

Research and Drug Program Search Criteria
Research and Drug Program Search Criteria

Upgrade automated lead scoring.

With relevant sales signals pushed directly to your CRM through easy integration, you’ll enrich your leads. Building on your existing lead scoring system, lead scores are enhanced with deep insights like financial readiness, program involvement, and organizational info—meaningful signals that help push those MQLs along.

Grow awareness with micro-targeted campaigns.

Forget generic, product-focused campaigns and start engaging the right audience. Know exactly what is important to your target accounts and get the message out to grow your share of voice with prospects who need your solutions.

Leverage Amplion contacts for targeted ABM advertising and marketing campaigns that will really move the needle.

Research and Drug Program Search Criteria


Integrated intelligence that fits your workflow

All of your critical data sources in one place. Targeted accounts, relevant sales signals and key contacts – pushed to your CRM.


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