So far this year, Amplion has tracked 67 Seed and Series A investments into early-stage biotechs – down from 92 or a 27% decrease during the same period last year.  That said, the biotech sector continues to witness rapid advancements, with numerous early-stage companies securing substantial investments to fuel their groundbreaking research and development efforts. These investments emphasize the industry’s commitment to driving innovation and revolutionizing healthcare. Let’s take a closer look at some of the notable biotech companies and their therapeutic focuses, as well as the lead investors backing their visions.

Arialys Therapeutics: Advancing Precision Medicines for Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Diseases
Arialys Therapeutics has launched with a mission to lead the development of precision medicines for autoimmune neuropsychiatric diseases. These conditions pose unique challenges, and Arialys Therapeutics endeavors to address them with tailored treatments. Though specific lead investors were not mentioned, the company’s vision has undoubtedly garnered substantial support through its launch.

Epigenic Therapeutics: Bringing Breakthrough Epigenome Medicine to Clinical Development
Epigenic Therapeutics has announced $32 million in Series A funding to drive the development of breakthrough epigenome medicine. By targeting the regulation of gene activity through epigenetic modifications, Epigenic Therapeutics aims to create innovative treatments for a range of diseases. The substantial financing underscores the potential impact of epigenome medicine.

Sagimet Biosciences: Upscaled Initial Public Offering and Additional Funding
Sagimet Biosciences has achieved a significant milestone in the form of an upscaled initial public offering and the closing of the underwriters’ option to purchase additional shares of Series A common stock. Though the therapeutic focus was not explicitly mentioned, these financial advancements highlight Sagimet Biosciences’ potential in the biotech landscape.

Georgiamune : FDA Clearance and $75 Million in Series A Financing
Georgiamune has achieved two significant milestones – the US FDA clearance for its Investigational New Drug (IND) application and securing $75 million in Series A financing. While the therapeutic focus was not mentioned, these accomplishments illustrate the company’s progress and financial support for its development.

Aulos Bioscience: Series A Extension Financing for Therapeutics Advancement
Aulos Bioscience has raised $20 million in Series A extension financing from Apple Tree Partners. This additional funding empowers Aulos Bioscience to advance its therapeutic projects, potentially targeting various disease areas. The support from Apple Tree Partners demonstrates confidence in Aulos Bioscience’s endeavors.

Checkpoint Therapeutics: Registered Direct Offering and Funding
Checkpoint Therapeutics has announced a $10 million registered direct offering priced at-the-market. Although the therapeutic focus was not specified, Checkpoint Therapeutics’ financial activities contribute to their ongoing research and development efforts.

AsclepiX Therapeutics: Advancing Clinical Study of AXT107 for Wet AMD
AsclepiX Therapeutics has raised $10 million to advance the Phase 1/2a clinical study of AXT107, with Perceptive Advisors leading the round. AsclepiX Therapeutics aims to address the needs of patients with wet age-related macular degeneration (wet AMD), a leading cause of blindness. The funding supports the execution of the clinical study and highlights the interest in innovative therapies for this condition.

BioSig AI Sciences: Seed Funding to Advance Artificial Intelligence Applications
BioSig AI Sciences has received $2.2 million in seed funding to advance the development of artificial intelligence (AI) applications. The company focuses on harnessing the power of AI to enhance various facets of healthcare and therapeutics. The seed funding enables BioSig AI Sciences to further its efforts in this rapidly evolving field.

AgeX Therapeutics: Debt Exchange and Preferred Stock Financing
AgeX Therapeutics successfully closed a $36 million debt exchange for preferred stock, further supporting its research and development activities. AgeX Therapeutics aims to develop innovative therapies with a focus on areas such as regenerative medicine. The latest financing demonstrates continued investor support for the company’s vision.

EpiBiologics: Series A Financing Extension and New CEO Appointment
EpiBiologics has appointed Ann Lee-Karlon as CEO and president and extended its Series A financing to over $70 million. EpiBiologics aims to revolutionize protein degradation approaches, opening up potential new treatment options. The funding extension coupled with leadership changes can enhance the company’s capabilities in advancing novel therapies.

KayoThera: Expanded Series A Funding for Lipid Nanoparticles
KayoThera has strengthened its financial position with $5.2 million in grants and expanded Series A funding. By leveraging lipid nanoparticles, the company aspires to develop targeted delivery systems for genomic medicines. The increased funding bolsters KayoThera’s research in developing novel therapies.

Verismo Therapeutics: Pre-Series A Funding for Transformative Medicines
Verismo Therapeutics has announced a $17 million Pre-Series A round with DongKoo Bio, HLB Innovation, and HLB as lead investors. Verismo Therapeutics focuses on developing transformative medicines, and this funding paves the way for further progress within their therapeutic programs.

Crossbow Therapeutics: Advancing Novel Antibody Therapies for Cancer
Crossbow Therapeutics has launched with $80 million in Series A financing to advance a novel class of antibody therapies. These therapies mimic T-cell receptors to treat cancer, offering a unique approach to tackle this complex disease. The substantial funding illustrates the enthusiasm for innovative cancer treatments.

NVision Imaging: Series A Funding for Quantum-Powered Polarizers
NVision Imaging has raised $30 million in Series A funding to deploy quantum-powered polarizers, enabling adaptive cancer treatment. By harnessing advanced quantum technology, NVision Imaging aims to revolutionize cancer treatment approaches. The substantial funding empowers NVision Imaging to make significant strides in the field of adaptive cancer treatment.

Delve Bio: Metagenomic Sequencing Platform for Infectious Disease Diagnosis
Delve Bio has launched to commercialize its metagenomic sequencing platform for infectious disease diagnosis. Delve Bio’s advanced platform can help identify pathogens and guide effective treatment strategies. The company’s entry into the market signifies the potential for metagenomic sequencing in improving infectious disease diagnosis.

Kate Therapeutics: Next-Generation Genetic Medicines for Muscle and Heart Diseases
Kate Therapeutics has debuted with $51 million in Series A funding to develop next-generation genetic medicines targeting muscle and heart diseases. The company aims to leverage innovative genetic approaches to address these diseases’ underlying causes. With this significant investment, Kate Therapeutics is well-positioned to push the boundaries of genetic medicine.

Mozart Therapeutics: First-in-Class CD8 Treg Modulators for Autoimmune Diseases
Mozart Therapeutics has raised $25 million in expanded Series A financing to support the clinical development of their first-in-class CD8 Treg modulators for the treatment of autoimmune diseases. By modulating the immune system, Mozart Therapeutics aims to provide innovative therapies that could transform the way autoimmune diseases are treated.

Hopewell Therapeutics: Next Generation Lipid Nanoparticles for Targeted Delivery
Hopewell Therapeutics has secured $25 million in seed financing to advance their next-generation lipid nanoparticles for targeted delivery of genomic medicines. By developing innovative delivery systems, Hopewell Therapeutics aims to improve the efficacy and safety of gene therapies and other genomic medicines.

Violet Therapeutics: Seed Funding for Dementia Treatments
Violet Therapeutics has raised $10.6 million in seed funding, led by the Dementia Discovery Fund (through DDF-2), UTEC (University of Tokyo Edge Capital Partners), and Mass General Brigham Ventures (MGBV). Violet Therapeutics focuses on developing groundbreaking treatments for dementia and neurodegenerative diseases. This investment will be instrumental in driving the company’s mission to address critical unmet needs in this field.

Paradromics: Breakthrough Medical Device Designation and Series A Financing
Paradromics has raised $33 million in funding and achieved breakthrough medical device designation from the FDA. The company aims to develop high-bandwidth brain interfaces to treat neurological disorders. This considerable financing and designation highlight Paradromics’ potential and illustrate the interest in innovative therapies for neurological diseases.

Ray Therapeutics: Advancing Optogenetic Gene Therapies for Blinding Diseases
Ray Therapeutics has closed an oversubscribed $100 million Series A financing round to advance optogenetic gene therapies for blinding diseases. By leveraging the power of light-sensitive proteins, the company aims to develop innovative therapies to restore vision. Top-tier syndicate led by Novo Holdings, and joined by Deerfield Management, Norwest Venture Partners, Platanus, MRL Ventures Fund, the therapeutics-focused corporate venture fund of Merck & Co., and existing investor, 4BIO Capital. This significant funding will enable Ray Therapeutics to accelerate its groundbreaking research.

Salarius Pharmaceuticals: Private Placement to Support Therapeutic Advancements
Salarius Pharmaceuticals has successfully completed a private placement of $6 million priced at-the-market under Nasdaq Rules. The additional funding will contribute to Salarius Pharmaceuticals’ ongoing research and development efforts in pursuit of transformative therapeutics.

Nido Biosciences: Advancing Treatments for Neurological Diseases
Nido Biosciences has emerged as a clinical-stage company, raising $109 million to advance treatments for debilitating neurological diseases. With this substantial funding, Nido Biosciences aims to accelerate the development of novel therapies and provide hope for patients suffering from neurological disorders.

Diligent Pharma: Completes Series A Financing
Diligent Pharma has completed a Series A financing round, raising $8.27 million. The company focuses on revolutionizing drug development by leveraging AI and innovative strategies. This financing will support Diligent Pharma, Inc.’s efforts to advance their therapeutic pipeline.

Ensysce Biosciences: Successful Public Offering
Ensysce Biosciences has announced the closing of a successful $7 million public offering. The funds raised will contribute to the company’s ongoing research and development initiatives. Ensysce Biosciences, Inc. aims to develop innovative drug delivery systems for the treatment of various diseases.

Micron Biomedical: Series A Funding for Needle-Free Drugs and Vaccines
Micron Biomedical has extended its Series A funding round to $17 million to bring needle-free drugs and vaccines to market. By developing innovative delivery technologies, Micron Biomedical aims to improve patient compliance and expand access to essential medications and immunizations.

Convergent Therapeutics: Clinical Development of Radiopharmaceuticals for Cancer
Convergent Therapeutics has raised $90 million in Series A financing to advance the clinical development of radiopharmaceuticals for the treatment of prostate cancer and other solid tumors. These targeted radiation therapies hold promise in providing effective and precise treatment options. The substantial funding supports Convergent Therapeutics’ mission to revolutionize cancer therapeutics.

Ten63 Therapeutics: Advancing AI and Physics-based Models to Drug the Undruggables
Ten63 Therapeutics has raised $15.9 million in oversubscribed Series A financing to fuel their efforts in drug discovery by combining the power of AI and physics-based models. The company aims to target traditionally “undruggable” proteins and develop innovative therapies for challenging diseases. This financing will enable Ten63 Therapeutics to push the boundaries of therapeutic development.

Orbital Therapeutics: Series A Financing for RNA Medicines
Orbital Therapeutics has secured $270 million in Series A financing to unleash the full potential of RNA medicines. The company aims to bring about a paradigm shift in RNA-based therapies by developing innovative delivery systems. With this substantial funding, Orbital Therapeutics is poised to make significant advancements in the field.

Adcentrx Therapeutics: Series A+ Financing Led by Eight Roads Ventures
Adcentrx Therapeutics has announced the completion of a $38 million Series A+ financing round led by Eight Roads Ventures. The company focuses on developing targeted exosome therapeutics to address unmet needs in cancer treatment. The financing will support Adcentrx Therapeutics’ mission to bring innovative therapies to patients.

Identifai-Genetics: Post-Seed Fundraising for Immunotherapy Target Discovery
Identifai-Genetics has closed a post-seed fundraising round, raising $3.3 million. The company aims to accelerate immunotherapy target discovery using its proprietary single-cell functional screening platform. This financing will enhance Identifai-Genetics’ efforts in driving precision immunotherapies.

Wheeler Bio: Series A Round for Clinical Drug Substance Manufacturing Facility
Wheeler Bio has closed a $31 million Series A round to support the development of a clinical drug substance manufacturing facility. The company focuses on establishing a robust infrastructure for drug manufacturing, contributing to the advancement of therapeutics.

ImmuneBridge: Immunotherapy Targeted Natural Killer (NK) Cell-based Therapies
ImmuneBridge has raised $12 million in funding from M Ventures and Insight Partners. The company aims to advance novel natural killer (NK) cell-based immunotherapies. With this funding, ImmuneBridge is well-positioned to further develop these innovative therapies.

CTRL Therapeutics: Next-Generation Cell Therapy Platform for Solid Tumors
CTRL Therapeutics has launched with $10 million in seed financing to advance its next-generation cell therapy platform for the treatment of solid tumors. The company aims to develop precision therapies that can effectively target cancer cells. The seed funding enables CTRL Therapeutics to push forward in their mission to revolutionize cancer treatment.

TransCode Therapeutics: Termination of Sale of Series A Preferred Stock
TransCode Therapeutics has announced the termination of a previously announced sale of Series A convertible preferred stock. While the specifics were not mentioned, TransCode Therapeutics continues to focus on advancing therapeutics through its proprietary technologies and strategies.

RedHill Biopharma: Successful Registered Direct Offering
RedHill Biopharma has successfully completed a $6 million registered direct offering. The funding will contribute to RedHill Biopharma’s ongoing research and development initiatives, further strengthening the company’s position in the biotech industry.

Mercy BioAnalytics: Advancing Mercy Halo Liquid Biopsy Platform
Mercy BioAnalytics has raised $41 million in Series A financing to advance the development of its Mercy Halo liquid biopsy platform for early cancer detection. The funding supports Mercy BioAnalytics’ efforts to bring innovative diagnostic solutions to patients.

Genialis: Biomarker Development Predicting Patient Response
Genialis has raised $13 million in funding to build clinical biomarkers that predict patient response. The company aims to revolutionize precision medicine by harnessing data analysis and AI technologies. The financing will support Genialis in developing innovative biomarkers.

EpiBiologics: Next-Generation Protein Degradation Platform
EpiBiologics has launched with $50 million in Series A financing to advance its next-generation protein degradation platform. By targeting disease-causing proteins, EpiBiologics aims to develop transformative therapeutics. The substantial funding provides EpiBiologics with the resources to drive therapeutic innovation.

Dermata Therapeutics: Funding for Dermatology Therapies
Dermata Therapeutics has announced the closing of a $5.0 million public offering. The funds raised will be used to support the company’s ongoing research and development efforts in dermatology therapeutics.

Mediar Therapeutics: Financing to Advance Fibrosis Therapies
Mediar Therapeutics has raised $105 million in funding to advance its portfolio of first-in-class fibrosis therapies. The company focuses on developing innovative treatments for fibrotic diseases. The substantial financing will support Mediar Therapeutics’ mission to improve patient outcomes.

Myosin Therapeutics: Innovative Therapies for Glioblastoma and Stimulant Use Disorder
Myosin Therapeutics has closed its seed funding round to continue developing innovative therapies for glioblastoma and stimulant use disorder. The company aims to address these challenging diseases with its novel treatment approaches.

Shennon Biotechnologies: Immunotherapy Target Discovery Platform
Shennon Biotechnologies has raised $13 million in seed financing to accelerate immunotherapy target discovery. With their proprietary single-cell functional screening platform, Shennon Biotechnologies aims to drive advancements in precision immunotherapies.

Volastra Therapeutics: Advancing Cancer-Focused Pipeline
Volastra Therapeutics has secured $60 million in Series A funding to further advance its cancer-focused pipeline. The company aims to develop precision therapies targeting cancer. The financing enables Volastra Therapeutics to progress its promising research.

These investments highlight the drive for therapeutic innovation and the interest from investors in supporting early-stage biotech companies. From precision medicines and breakthrough technologies to diagnostic platforms and transformative therapies, these companies are contributing to the advancement of healthcare. With support from various lead investors, these biotech entities are poised to make a significant impact in their respective therapeutic areas.


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