Video Transcript

Hey, this is Mike from Amplion. I wanted to do a quick walkthrough about how marketers can use Amplion on to drive really targeted marketing campaigns for email.

So let’s dive in here. We always start off with a really good starting place to define our campaign. We look for things like specific technical criteria, firmographic details, and timing signals. We then review that market – that matching contact list to refine that list by job titles, specific locations or companies, et cetera. We can export all those contacts with all of the key details that we want to use for personalization, and then execute that campaign.

So let’s dive in here. In this case, I am looking at a very simple filter. I’m looking at only those researchers that are working in the oncology space, specifically those organizations that are in either big pharma or biopharma and in the U.S. So I have a list here of all of those folks, and I’ve decided to narrow this list to the last 90 days because I ran this campaign 90 days ago. I’m ready to refresh my list now and get a whole new batch of contacts that I can enroll in this campaign.

So a couple of the things to think about when you’re designing this. We can filter this list down if we want to, if you want to have a very account-based approach, for example, you could say only show me those individuals that are at Pfizer.

We can look at specific titles, for example translational folks – people that are working translational work or preclinical, et cetera. We can target this based on specific location. So if we know that we are running a webinars that are specifically focused on a region supporting an individual sales team team member, we can look at those locations.

And then in this list, you’ll notice that we have both an email for these individuals, as well as a LinkedIn profile link here. And the way that we’re doing this is we’re actually matching these names and orgs to LinkedIn to find these individuals.

So we searched Kim Campbell who works for Sandoz and found that individual on LinkedIn. And through that find, we were able to a confirm that Kim still works at this organization, that’s the little green checkbox.

We’ve been able to extract their title as well as their LinkedIn location. So this is really great way to round out that that prospect list, make sure you have all the right details, make sure these folks are current.

And then by applying this evidence date here, we’re able to look at a list that’s only those folks that are really recent and timely for this outreach.

So now that we have this list what do we do? We have two options here. We can export these contacts directly, or we can export them with the matching event details.

What are the matching event details? Well, if we peak at one, for example, Kim, here, we can see that Kim recently published some Clinical results. In this case, we’ve extracted all of the details from this event and we’re providing that. We’re making that available to you in the export.

So when you receive this export, this download, you’ll see all the information that you expected in there, including their first, last org, their email, a LinkedIn profile, but also, and this is really critical here.

If we want to get that high level of personalization in this content so that we improve the open rates and the reply rates, I strongly encourage our customers to use these details here, like including the title of the event. So this is the title of the results disclosure. This is great to include, for example, in the body of the email.If you’re doing a more generic marketing campaign, perhaps using something like the specific diseases or conditions in the subject. Other options are biomarkers test methods, um, et cetera. So there’s quite a few options here to find exactly the personalization tokens that are relevant to you.

Once you have this list, you can import it into your marketing automation platform, use the content that you already have and use these specific variables as mix-in variables for personalization.

Our customers have reported to us that they’re seeing often times two times the reply rate and the open rate on these emails because of this level of personalization. And also because these outreaches are so timely.

So hopefully this helps. Looking forward to helping superpower your marketing campaigns!

Please feel free to reach out if you’d like to learn more, thanks and happy marketing.