Video Transcript

Hey, this is Mike from Amplion. I wanted to walk through a pretty common use case, particularly for marketing teams or sales leadership.

Imagine that you are targeting pharma organizations that are in a specific therapeutic area or disease area, and you’re trying to figure out which of these accounts should I be prioritizing for my outreach efforts? So in this case, I am, I’ve applied a filter here. That’s specifically looking at cell and gene therapies and in the disease space of oncology, I’m filtering only to pharma organizations. And I’m looking at those that have either headquarters or other operating sites here in the U S and I’m on the organizations tab.

So given these filter criteria, what we’re able to display here on the organizations view is a list of all of the organizations that match my criteria. And we’re able to sort those by the number of matching events.

This is really key for account scoring and understanding how to prioritize your efforts. In this case, I can see that Novartis has published over 16,000 times. Those publications include research publications. They might include clinical trials, conferences, et cetera. But out of those 16,000 events, 182 of those events are specifically matching the criteria that I’m searching for here.

I’ve sorted the list of all these organizations by these matching events. And now I have a very simple approach to prioritize those accounts and say, I’m going to focus on these first 10 accounts. And then once I’ve gone through that list, I’ve done my outreach. I’ve run my marketing campaigns. I’m next going to focus on the next group, for example.

This a great way to take a very large list of accounts and distribute them amongst your team, make sure that you’re doing good load balancing across the team so that a one member isn’t getting too much saturation in one account and not enough in others. So really great way to make sure that the team is very productive with each of these organizations. You are able to select these organizations and then export them directly with their account information. Or you can choose to include all of the event information that we’ve collected here.

So you can provide your sales team, your marketing team, much more detailed information about the types of programs and events that are available. Hope this helps.

If you have any questions about how to do account scoring yourself feel free to reach out to our support team and we’d be happy to help happy hunting.