Your Source of Truth and Your Source of Signal. Together at Last.


Your CRM is the source of truth for your commercial team. Qualifying accounts. Tracking leads. Prioritizing tasks. Without it, you’d be lost. But the quality of your CRM data is only as good as your sources.

Amplion was developed precisely for life science commercial teams, to reduce the wasted effort of searching and sorting through dozens of noisy sources. With Amplion, your marketing and sales team has a central location that integrates all of these sources and synthesizes them to extract only the signals that are relevant to you. Amplion covers the whole biomedical landscape, so you won’t miss a thing.

Direct integration with Salesforce gives your team instant access to these high-value insights and signals directly in your CRM.

With Amplion for Salesforce you can:

  • Identify qualified emerging organizations and import them as new accounts with key firmographic details
  • Grow awareness with micro-targeted marketing campaigns that match the technical needs of the research and drug programs that you’re pursuing
  • Intelligently monitor qualified accounts for compelling events that may indicate a selling signal
  • Easily import program-relevant leads using your existing workflow
  • Leverage targeted events to automate lead scoring and activate your sales team


Identify new target accounts that match your ideal customer profile

  • Discover emerging programs that need your products and services to identify qualified accounts
  • Import newly matched accounts with key firmographic details, including funding, headcount, geographic location, and more
  • Monitor organization activity to determine the right time to target accounts and import to Salesforce for account management, campaign development, and sales outreach

Enhance your lead database with evidence-based program contacts

  • Find targeted contacts from programs that exactly match your capabilities
  • Extract contacts directly from evidence—publications, clinical trials, conference abstracts, grants, and more—so you connect to the decision-makers at the programs you care about
  • Import relevant contacts into Salesforce with complete control—individual contacts or entire contact lists

Import Amplion events to initiate Salesforce Tasks and trigger marketing automation and lead scoring, automatically and immediately

  • Predetermine which event types meet criteria to contribute to a lead’s score and establish point values for each within Salesforce or your marketing automation platform
  • For those events you determine are imperatives to sales, set up automatic sales tasks to follow up on an event

Amplion for Salesforce

Bring your source of signal together with your source of truth to create a unified sales and marketing lead engine.