We have just completed our first ranking of biopharma companies based on how much they are driving innovation in personalized medicine, and Genentech scored the highest among 25 companies. Download the scorecard whitepaper:


The ranking takes into consideration a variety of factors, including:

• The number of personalized medicines each company is already marketing;

• The percentage of clinical trials each company sponsors that use biomarkers;

• The percentage of each company’s employees who have titles related to personalized/precision medicine.

Personalized Medicine Scorecard

7 of the top 10 companies currently market at least one personalized medicine, and the same ratio have disclosed biomarkers in more than 10% of the clinical trials they have announced in the last three years.

There is very little correlation between the size of company and the personalized medicine score, so innovation isn’t just being driven by the largest biopharma companies.

While the companies at the top of the list aren’t necessarily surprising, there are some unexpected companies in the lower ranks.

Despite having its own molecular diagnostics division, Roche scored in the bottom half of the list primarily due to its not having any currently marketed personalized medicines.

Amgen has one personalized medicine on the market, but ranked only 21st because of low percentage of recent clinical trials that utilize biomarkers.

We will continue to work on refinements to this ranking system, adding factors like personalized medicines in drug pipelines, and better coverage of biomarkers in clinical trials, but we think this is an interesting first start at recognizing the companies that are helping to make personalized medicine a reality.

We will also soon release a scorecard for diagnostics companies.

For more information about the Scorecard and how it was compiled, please feel free to contact me directly – [email protected]