When building a company, especially a startup, you look forward to moments that change your trajectory.

So, when Mary Meeker included our analysis in her annual Internet trends presentation, it got us thinking.

For those of you that don’t know, Mary Meeker is a venture capitalist from the influential Silicon Valley VC, Kleiner Perkins. Everyone involved in the world of startups, the internet and investing (among others) pounces on Mary’s Internet trends report like nerd catnip. It truly is one of the most anticipated pieces of analysis each year.

Mary tends to cover a lot of ground in the presentation. This year she focused on some trends in healthcare, life science and therapeutics (i.e. drugs). Mary highlighted the “digital inflection point” influencing every aspect of the healthcare, life science, and therapeutics industries. She started with patient care but quickly moved on to the therapeutics industry.

In Mary’s analysis, she covered drug clinical trial activity in detail. Clinical trials represent a very expensive aspect of drug development and are an opportunity to reduce drug R&D costs. After making the point that medical knowledge is expanding at an exponential rate comes slide 304.


Slide 304 is a slide we produced as a part of our Trials Success Rate Analysis we co-authored with BIO and Informa/BioMedTracker. It shows the impact of using biomarkers as clinical trial patient selection criteria. The analysis shows an increased likelihood-of-approval (LOA) from 8.4% to 25.9%.

We are thrilled and honored that Mary included our work in her presentation. As we grow Amplion and impact drug discovery and development, the kind of exposure Mary provides can indeed change our trajectory. We continue to enjoy the ride.

As life science professionals, does this report influence your work?  Leave a comment and let us know.