Trends in biomarker types and uses, test development, and drug enablement are described in this new report, along with a breakdown of the companies that are doing the most to advance precision medicine.

BEND, OR – May 3, 2016 – Amplion Inc., publisher of BiomarkerBase, the complete knowledge base and alert service for clinical biomarkers, today announces the publication of the company’s most recent free report: Companion Diagnostic Biomarker Trends. This new report describes the latest trends in the development and use of companion diagnostic biomarkers, the tests that use them, the drugs that they enable, and the companies that are developing those drugs.

Since 2013 Amplion has published biomarker market and research insights in free reports and in its industry-leading blog, Biomarker Trends™. This latest report is another of Amplion’s contributions to a continued understanding of how rapidly and extensively the promises of precision medicine are being advanced.

“Companion diagnostic biomarkers are growing in use, and our goal with this report is to describe in real terms the progress that is being made in developing and utilizing these biomarkers”, said John Audette, Founder at Amplion. “Precision medicine depends on companion diagnostic biomarkers, so understanding their development is central to understanding advancements in precision medicine.”

Among the interesting findings outlined in the report is the result of a breakdown of the ways that biomarkers are measured in companion diagnostic tests, and the discovery that companion diagnostic biomarkers tend to be measured using FDA-approved tests or laboratory-developed tests (LDTs), but rarely both. The report also uncovers the fact that almost 80% of novel cancer drugs in late stage clinical trials include companion diagnostic biomarkers.

About Amplion

Amplion is the leading biomarker business intelligence company, and its flagship product BiomarkerBase™, along with consulting services and free reports, deliver insights that inform key strategic decisions for drug and diagnostic test developers. Since 2012 Amplion has helped large and small companies alike make the best use of biomarkers in advancing precision therapeutics and next generation diagnostics.