This week’s Chart of the Week is an interesting one.  We will most likely have a follow up after further analysis of the data from BiomarkerBase.  Basically, the chart shows the total commercial usage of a biomarker by company count since the biomarkers first clinical usage, by years.  This analysis allows us to categorize biomarkers by Hot, Common, Emerging and Under-performing biomarkers.  We’ve created the first quadrant for biomarkers inspired by Gartner’s Magic Quadrant.

Do you want to know where a particular biomarker falls in the quadrant?  Drop us a line.


To drive the point home we’ve highlighted 4 biomarkers:

  1. Hot – PD-L1: On the tips of the tounges of many of us in the industry, PD-L1 has been used extensively in a short period of time.  PD-L1 represents the clearest example of a Hot biomarker in our quadrant and a biomarker that seems to have quickly tipped into significant commericial value.
  2. Common – HER2 and A1C: Representing the well known stalwarts of the biomarker landscape HER2 and A1C falls in our Common quadrant.  Not surprisingly they’ve been around for a long time and used extensively throughout the market.  A1C is interesting because it’s boarderline when considering a strict definition of a biomarker.  However, it’s ubiquity and acceptance in patient management and clinical trials compels coverage in BiomarkerBase.
  3. Underperforming – p16: Our Under-performing biomarkers are represented by p16.  p16 has been around for almost 30 years, but has seen very little adoption by companies.

What are those strings of biomarkers in the bottom right?

You may have noticed the lines of biomarkers in the lower right quadrant.  More on this after we’ve done some more analysis, but we believe this represents two trends:

  1. The commercial value of companies developing novel biomarkers
  2. The need for viable companion diagnostics

More to come on this topic.  Stay tuned.

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