We have recently noticed a trend among our customers. We have been successfully addressing some key use cases of our customers focused on rare and orphan diseases. This is an interesting coincidence since rare diseases played such a key role in our recently published report on clinical trial success rates, co-authored with BIO and BioMedTracker(Informa).

As we work with these customers we have become more inspired by what they are pursuing. We have come to realize that with the shifting technologies driving precision medicine the opportunity to serve an under served rare and orphan disease population has never been greater.

In honor of that work we have a tree map of clinical trial activity in a sample of rare diseases in the lysosomal storage diseases space. Specifically this tree map covers Gaucher and Fabry disease.

Are there other rare diseases that you’d like to see?

The information is broken down by disease, organizations working in the disease space (industry and academia), and the relevant biomarkers used by each organization for the disease.