This week’s Chart of the Week demonstrates recent research on the correlation between the Biomarker Coverage Percent in a company’s pipeline and the Company’s Phase 3 Likelihood of Approval. This chart depicts how as a company increases their number of trials utilizing biomarkers, they will also see an increase in their likelihood of approval.


This preliminary research measures the correlation and relationship between the amount of trials utilizing biomarkers and the likelihood of a drug being approved.  The use of Biomarkers in the research and drug development process is becoming more and more essential to a company’s process in overall drug development and approval rates. Biomarkers come largely into play in Phase 3 as the early phases are more revolved around efficacy and safety. That is why Phase 3 is analyzed in this study as biomarkers become most apparent in their effects on approval rates during Phase 3. This study reveals a trend that increasing your biomarker coverage in your pipeline will result in increased precision in discoveries and higher approval rates for drug development. Increasing your likelihood of approval will not only give you more approved drugs, but will save you a time and money on projects that do not reach approval.


The biomarker coverage percent is determined by a company’s number of trials using biomarkers in relation to their clinical trial pipeline. The likelihood of approval is determined from BiomedTracker database.

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Chart of the Week: Phase 3 LOA Vs Biomarker Coverage Percent