This week’s Chart of the Week attempts to communicate recent research on the percent of results you are missing in your clinical information searches (e.g. pubmed,, etc) without utilizing  target and synonym technologies like in BiomarkerBase. This chart depicts how many relevant and potentially game changing trials and publications manual curation of literature is not finding compared to utilizing BiomarkerBase and its target synonym technology.


This preliminary data measures the percent of results you are not finding on respective search engines when not capitalizing on BiomarkerBase’s synonym technology. and barely scratch the surface of important literature when searching by general terms for a biomarker and disease correlation. In this Chart of the Week, the average percent of missed results is for a single biomarker and disease correlation. If you are managing multiple research projects, the amount of missed trials can be applied to each project. This will result in lack of precision in your findings as well as missing potentially key studies.

The percent of missed results is determined by manually searching for biomarker and disease correlations on and with the basic search terms versus utilizing the target synonyms in BiomarkerBase to capture all relevant trials and publications. High Evidence Biomarkers are considered those with large amounts of results in both Clinical Trials and Publications respectively.

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Chart of the Week: Percent of Missed Results Without BiomarkerBase Synonyms