In our Charts of the Week over the last several weeks we have been analyzing the use of unique biomarkers by pharmaceutical companies.  We are extending that analysis today with a look at the biomarker discovery activity of pharma companies as compared with the number of unique biomarkers they are using.  We discovered a couple interesting facts.

But first, let me quickly explain the chart.  We have come up wth a ranking system for both discovery activity and unique target usage in trials.  Each pharma is ranked relative to each other with the number 1 position occupied by the top pharma in that measure.


The first interesting result is that Novartis appears to be reaping the rewards of previous and continued investment in the development of unique biomarkers.  Novartis leads our ranking in unique targets.  Take a look at this previous blog post for a different perspective on this.  However, despite leading our ranking in unique targets, Novartis does not lead the biomarker discovery ranking.  The #1 biomarker discovery spot is held by Celgene.

In fact, our analysis has Celgene leading the pack by a factor of 5 over the next pharma company in total biomarker discovery trials.  This means that Celgene is likely poised to be the next major player in unique biomarker usage.  Thus using biomarker discovery and usage as a proxy for companion diagnostics, Celgene is also poised to be a major player in personalized medicine.

We are excited to see how this develops.