At Amplion we are always adding more data from both known and new sources. Today we are happy to announce that we now have coverage of EU-based clinical trials. EU clinical trial coverage gives BiomarkerBase users another information source to make strategic product portfolio decisions, provide top-notch industry analysis and identify strategic partnership opportunities.

EU-based clinical trials coverage stats:

  • 174 new Biomarkers
  • 1177 EU Trials
  • 2032 new biomarker associations with diseases
  • 1595 newly identified industry clinical trial sponsorships


For any EU trials we also show each country where the trial is taking place:


Core Technology Proof Point

Adding EU clinical trial is another proof point of our core technology, Biomarker Engine.  As we refine our technology we are able to add more and more data sources to BiomarkerBase, continually increasing your ability to make informed biomarker decisions.

Stay tuned for what’s coming next as we continue to focus on improving our clinical biomarker data coverage and functionality.