At Amplion we are passionate about bringing our clinically validated biomarker information to the places you already work. As we embed our information into your existing workflow our time-to-add-value is even shorter – as always you should checkout our application at We work hard to ensure our features and partnerships enable you to answer questions and solve problems quickly.

Our approach includes a comprehensive partnership strategy and program. We have three categories of partners that we pursue. Read more on our partnership page. In a nutshell, we are establishing and nurturing sales and marketing, data, and value-add partners across genomics platforms, publishing platforms, patient advocacy systems, and EMR systems, among others.


I will cover my thoughts on the characteristics of each partner type in a future post because this post is all about a very exciting new value-add partnership with SolveBio. SolveBio, and their cutting edge genetic variation analytics platform, bring BiomarkerBase information squarely to the variant analysis workflows.

Through this partnership you will be able to tie a genetic variation information back to current clinical usage, possible monetization opportunities and the competitive landscape for a particular variant or analyte.

We are especially excited about SolveBio for a few primary reasons:

  • Top-notch founders, leadership and investors
  • Their application brings our clinically validated biomarker information to the context of variant analysis
  • They are effectively leveraging our API for a very tight integration

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 7.58.27 AM

With BiomarkerBase data available through SolveBio’s Variant Explorer you can now navigate a particular variant and get the related current clinical information for that variant.

One use case I am excited about is the genetic counselor use case. Patients “at risk of an inherited disorder are advised of the consequences and nature of the disorder, the probability of developing or transmitting it, and the options open to them in management and family planning.”wikipedia

Genetic counselors “spend a large proportion of time clarifying details” to the patient. This is done using a number of sources, including clinical evidence around genetic variation. This is where our partnership shines. Providing clear clinical activity and evidence for a gene and its variation gives genetic counselors an edge.

For Amplion this is especially exciting because it is our first entry into the point of care genetic analysis workflow. We are excited to see the questions answered and problems solved by practitioners.