Anyone involved in biomarkers knows how imperative it is to stay informed about biomarker developments. Here at Amplion, we aggregate and annotate cutting edge biomarker information and publish it in BiomarkerBase, so you can stay up to date on the clinical biomarker landscape with minimal effort.

On February 19, 2016 we released our latest data update. This added 58 new trials to our database (and along the way helped us identify 759 new biomarkers) bringing our total coverage up to 16,407 trials and 11,112 clinically validated biomarkers.

Today we are excited to inform you of several new features, functions, and data orientation now included in BiomarkerBase that were previously unavailable:

  • Biomarker usage by trial: inclusion/exclusion filtering
  • Full associated publication data with filtering and search functions
  • Trial study publication results filtering

Biomarker usage by clinical trial feature! 

We now offer the ability to discover how a biomarker is being used in a particular study by  filtering biomarkers by their usage.

This means filtering by markers that are mentioned in the patient selection criteria is now possible (e.g. inclusion/exclusion), which is one of the most frequently requested features of BiomarkerBase. On the heels of this functionality will be further abilities to segment biomarkers by patient safety and outcome measures.

To help you arrive at the list of relevant trials that are most interesting for you, we’ve added additional list scanning and filtering capabilities. We now visually indicate which trials have markers that are used in the patient selection section of the clinical trial record. This could either be for inclusion or exclusion purposes:


Now at your fingertips: Full publication dataset accompanied by a review article filter, and search by publication feature. 


Displaying associated publications that are mentioning a biomarker in the literature has been a helpful way for our customers to learn more about a particular marker and to assess its clinical readiness for your own commercial purposes. Today we are thrilled to announce that you now have access to the full PubMed dataset for biomarker associations in the literature, we no longer constrain the results to the 10 most recent!


Often times our users have expressed that they may not be familiar with a particular marker, and to help orient them we’ve also begun to capture whether a specific publication is a Review Article and now provide you with a convenient filter to constrain the list of publications you are viewing to only those that are review articles.

And to help you further refine the list of publications that you may be interested in perusing, we’ve enabled search in the publications list. Currently we support search on the title, author, and journal fields:


Filtering Trial Publications


Biomarkers used in clinical trials are obviously a significant source of the clinical applications of a marker that our users find relevant. We now offer a new orientation to the data that was previously unavailable: Trial Publications!

We scour PubMed looking for all mentions of a particular trial’s NCT number. When found, we associate those publications and attach them to the trial record. In the lists of trials for a marker, for example, we display the publications count and link the count to the relevant publication list.


There is also a convenient filter on the trial’s list that allows you to limit the list of trials to only those that have linked publications.

And of course, when viewing the details of a trial record, the associated publications with that trial are now presented in a new tab:


Stay tuned for what’s immediately coming next: Biomarker safety and outcome measures filtering and more updates as we continue to focus on improving our clinical trial data coverage and functionality. We are actively working to expand coverage to include EU Trials and broaden inclusion of more LDTs in the coming months.