To our esteemed colleagues around the globe:

The COVID-19 pandemic is going to get worse before it gets better, so the medical statistics demonstrate. At this point, it has already required us to adapt to social distancing and caused us all to reevaluate how we work and engage in critical business relationships. But we are heartened that throughout the world, people are uniting in their efforts to minimize the risk to one another, and we are humbled to be part of the incredible life science community working to accelerate testing, prevention and treatment for everyone.

For years, Amplion has worked to build revolutionary machine-learning software to arm leaders in our industry to connect in an unprecedented way.  Today, we have a fully-realized software platform that synthesizes the world’s biomedical landscape to connect research, clinical and services teams with drug developers that are precisely matched across multiple parameters based on capabilities and needs. While AI is considered a futuristic prospect by many, we believe that it is already an indispensable technology and one that is of particular importance in this time of crisis. Here are three challenges our intelligence software can help overcome right now:

  1. As COVID-19 infections accelerate daily, organizations with technologies or devices that can support new drug, vaccine, or test development have a life-saving contribution to make. The Amplion Intelligence Platform can alert you to new COVID-19, SARS and MERS R&D activities in real-time and automatically match you to partners who need your unique product and service capabilities. If your team is pursuing COVID-19 solutions, you can request free access at
  2. Social distancing may mean conferences and travel plans are canceled or postponed, but missing out on face time with potential pharma partners doesn’t have to hurt your revenue goals. Amplion’s software delivers qualified, targeted leads to your team, even while working from home.
  3. During this pandemic, disruptions to clinical trials and drug development are intensifying. Though many are paused, they will soon start again, and when they do, a flood of new activity will come. Amplion will help you get out in front of the most promising opportunities with real-time insights centered around research and clinical trial activity that is specific to your business focus. And with every new, relevant compelling event, you receive push notifications to equip you for timely and effective outreach.

We stand in awe of our colleagues’ brilliant and rapid advancements, which are sure to make a profound impact on so many patients and their families. Thank you for your dedication, and please reach out with any questions, as we are eager to be of service to you in your life saving efforts.

Chris Capdevila
Amplion, Chief Executive Officer