The COVID-19 pandemic has created so many difficult challenges for the world. Thankfully, the life science community has risen and continues to rise to meet some of the most pressing of these, bringing the collective brilliance and innovative thinking of diverse companies together to fight this disease. Program changes by so many life sciences and pharma organizations to develop tests, drugs and vaccines for COVID-19 have created new opportunities to collaborate and partnerships are proving critical to achieving the rapid advancements the world so desperately needs. But with program activities moving so quickly, getting in front of them means your team has to speed ahead to meet the challenge.

Amplion’s COVID R&D Tracker

Lead generation and prospecting are challenging when there is a flood of articles, press releases, IND filings and more, to read, search and sort through every day. Just keeping up with coronavirus programs on is overwhelming due to the sheer number of new programs and synonyms used—COVID-19, SARS, SARS-CoV-2, MERS, and more. It can take what feels like forever and pulls your focus away from other critical activities.

Once you’ve identified programs that seem promising, you then have to ensure each program matches your organization’s capabilities, but clinical trial records and press releases are often lacking key information regarding sample types, test methodologies, and other factors that you need in order to determine if the program is a match for your technologies and services. And you need to know that your potential partners are a match for you, too, because effective collaboration depends on it. This process, which often takes months of work, myriad meetings and calls, and your team’s full effort, now has to accelerate dramatically to match the pace of change in this crisis. Oh, and now you have to do it all from home!

A solution that allows you to overcome these challenges and quickly identify and match all coronavirus pharma programs might seem years away, but in fact, it’s a reality today. Amplion’s COVID R&D Tracker can help you gain those necessary insights in minutes, instead of months so you can find the programs where you can make a difference while you can still make a difference. Machine learning algorithms—trained by a team of biological and data scientists—can do all the lead sourcing and matching to your ideal criteria and give you the answers you need, automatically. And because Amplion analyzes not only clinical trial data, but press releases, research publications and other pre-trial indicators, the system will alert you whenever there is a new, compelling event that signals a new program that matches your requirements.

No matter what technology or services you offer, you can skip the grind of piecing together sources, pulling reports and lists from various websites and trying to deal with the deluge yourself. Find relevant COVID-19 programs now, as well as programs specific to any therapeutic area, technology, organization type and more. Let us help you revolutionize your prospecting process, right now and in the future, for the good of your business and those you serve. Because Amplion is a cure for your prospecting woes and, really, haven’t you suffered enough?