Accelerate Your Project Portfolio with High Velocity Lead Gen and Qualification


The drug program landscape changes fast. And tedious, manual research won’t help clinical trial products and services teams like yours identify and monitor relevant upcoming trials and target the key contacts that are critical to growing your sales pipeline.

Amplion’s machine learning platform analyzes the world’s preclinical research and clinical trial programs to surface and prioritize leads that match your capabilities and specialization. Build predictability into your prospecting processes through complete automation, so you can skip the struggle and focus on getting the deals done.


You can capture market insights and qualified leads instantly.

Or hey, you can just keep doing it the hard way.

Amplion Synthesizes the World’s Biomedical Evidence to Discover, Track and Profile the Growth Opportunities that Matter Most to You



Evidence Sources

analyzed for contextual relevance



Life Science Organizations

continuously monitored



Clinical Trials

with disease, pipeline and contact info



New Press Releases, Pubs and Trials

analyzed weekly

Discover, track and qualify opportunities aligned to your growth objectives, automatically.

Discover a Golden Opportunity Before It’s Gone

Automatically identify translational and clinical programs needing your capabilities, whether you offer gold standard tests and services or innovative technologies that could be the new gold standard. Amplion analyzes early stage indicators—research pubs, press releases, conference abstracts, and IND filings—that signal the start of a new drug program. You receive leads that match your ideal target profile and real-time alerts so you are always a step ahead.

Vet Prospective Partners with Extraordinary Efficiency

Whether you find matched organizations or are fielding inbound requests, you can easily evaluate them to see if they fit your ideal criteria. View actionable, high-level assessments and also drill down deep to investigate the source for each decision input. Amplion lets you quickly assess fit and attractiveness, enhancing your probability of success, and competitive landscape insights let you see what you’re up against.

Enable Confident Outreach with Real, Relevant Contact Details

Amplion compiles and analyzes contact information from publications, clinical trial records and public databases to identify the lead investigators and key decision makers at your target companies, simplifying outreach. We cross-reference the data from all sources to provide the most up-to-date and relevant contact details to ensure your success.

How Amplion Works:
4 Steps to Beating Your Growth Targets

Define Your Ideal Development Program

Create your ideal drug program profile, including trial stages, therapeutic areas, test and biomarker requirements, drug development activities, mechanism of action, location, and more.

Fast Forward New Pharma Leads

Identify relevant drug programs that match your criteria for any size pharma or biopharma and track their activities in real time, so you can be alerted to compelling events that signal a new opportunity.

Focus to Optimize Your Entire Portfolio

Easily refine your ideal profile with additional filters for any specific biomarker, test method, sample type, technology and more, so you can narrow your focus to find matches for any specific segments of your portfolio.

Mute Noise in the Clinical Landscape

Tame the relentless flood of preclinical and clinical evidence, new technology and biomarker info with robust filtering to pinpoint relevant program advances and gain immediate access to actionable insights.

See How Our Customers
Have Amped Up Their Results

Our users are growing faster with Amplion intelligence. The data show:



Increase in


Qualified Pipeline Opportunities

through strategic targeting of the most relevant accounts



Increase in


Close Rate

by connecting with the right contact at the right time



Increase in


Sales Engagement

by reducing time spent on unqualified opportunities

The only intelligence platform that identifies qualified leads before you get to work