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We make BiomarkerBase™, the Clinical Biomarker Knowledge Base™, which gives you strategic control of the complete clinical biomarker landscape.

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Biomarker Intelligence


Mitigate drug program risk with biomarker intelligence


Research biomarker trends to identify targets for new IVD and RUO products.

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Understand the trends impacting personalized medicine across all therapeutic areas.

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BiomarkerBase™ helps us to identify opportunities that are much closer to being ready for commercialization.

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Keeping up to date on the clinical biomarker landscape is difficult.


Learn how BiomarkerBase™ makes it easy, with high quality data and an easy-to-use interface.



About Amplion

At Amplion, we see biomarkers as the key to delivering on the promise of personalized medicine. From drug research and discovery and companion diagnostic development to patient care, we understand that biomarkers will drive personalized care. We publish two products, one paid and one free:


BiomarkerBase™ is the complete knowledge base and alert service for clinical biomarkers. Reduce the cost of understanding the clinical biomarker landscape by more than 10x.


Biomarker Trends™

Biomarker Trends™ is where we analyze key trends related to the development, regulation, and commercialization of biomarkers. It is also where we publish a free annual report summarizing annual trends for biomarker-based IVD tests.

About BiomarkerBase™

BiomarkerBase™ Is the Complete Knowledge Base
and Alert Service For Clinical Biomarkers.

Public sources of biomarker information have the potential to provide clear opportunities for product development and clinical trial planning. The problem is that these sources are challenging to utilize, due to their limited searchability, lack of common nomenclature, and lack of interconnectivity.

Amplion solves these challenges by reviewing public sources that include information about biomarkers in clinical use, aggregating and annotating that information, and providing access to it through a clean and intuitive interface. We also provide an alert service that sends you an email whenever a specific biomarker target or disease is used in a new test, drug label, or clinical trial.

This allows you to maintain a comprehensive understanding of the current clinical landscape for specific molecular targets and the diseases they help to characterize.

Easy to use, the intuitive interface of BiomarkerBase™ provides a very rich source of information about:

  • every biomarker used in an IVD cleared or approved by FDA
  • every biomarker in the label of an FDA-approved drug
  • thousands of emerging biomarkers in clinical trials
  • thousands of biomarkers in Laboratory-Developed Tests (LDTs)

BiomarkerBase™ equips busy professionals in research, business development, and marketing roles to easily stay on top of developments in the clinical/commercial use of molecular biomarkers.




John Zicker


Five time entrepreneur in the software fields of business intelligence, security and crowd sourced marketplaces. All five companies either went public or were acquired by larger corporations. Enjoy driving corporate innovation efforts bringing disruptive business models to market.

Creating predictive analytics for healthcare challenges (Precision Medicine in Practice) is my current obsession. Working with patient similarity analytics, network graph analysis and modeling techniques to drive improvement in healthcare delivery.

Adam Carroll, Ph.D

Adam Carroll, Ph.D

Co-Founder and CSO

Adam’s training as a biochemist and molecular biologist, as well as his strong affinity for data science and software projects, steered him to co-found Amplion. Building a product that supports BiomakerBase™ customers deliver on the promise of precision medicine is the most meaningful way Adam is contributing the best of both his experience and interests.

Previously, Adam has worked as a Director at Bend Research, Inc. (now a division of Capsugel) where he built new technology for clients that included Pfizer and Nike. Adam was also an Assistant Adjunct Professor at the University of California San Francisco and a technician at Harvard Medical School. Adam did his PhD work at UCSF and attended Williams College.

Chris Kraybill

Chris Kraybill


Chris is excited by the notion that the data Amplion brings to light is helping in the work to improve the human condition. Prior to co-founding Amplion Chris was the CTO of G5, helping to grow that business to over 30+M in revenue. Chris is a summa cum laude graduate of Bowdoin College.


Seth Taylor

Head of Product and Marketing

As an enterprise software entrepreneur, Seth’s career has included co-founding a recruiting software company, and Workday, a huge success in the burgeoning SaaS enterprise software space. Seth is excited to see Amplion contribute to the realization of the promise of personalized medicine.

Corey Dow-Hygelund

Corey Dow-Hygelund

Data Scientist

Corey’s single minded focus is applying big data science techniques to personalized medicine. Though he occasionally allows time to deliberate on font choices for his future “MORE DATA” knuckle tattoos. Corey has an M.S., Physics from UC Santa Cruz and a B.S. with Honors, Physics and B.S., Mathematics, University of Oregon.


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Discover how BiomarkerBase™ makes it fast and easy to identify new biomarker opportunities with these resources:

BiomarkerBase™ Learning Videos

  • Intro to BiomarkerBase™
  • Inclusion Criteria
  • Target Identification
  • Laboratory Developed Tests (LDTs)
  • Trending
  • Watch List
  • Product Portfolio Management 
  • Trial Planning
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Biomarker Workspace View 

User Guide

Just getting started with your account or free trial? Our User Guide will direct you to the optimal places to explore and get started.

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Companion Diagnostic Biomarker Trends

This complimentary report covers:

  • Trends in how biomarkers and biomarker-based tests are currently being used to identify patients and to guide drug dosing and safety
  • Companion diagnostic biomarkers in the labels of FDA-approved drugs
  • Tests that are used to measure those biomarkers, and the drugs that are enabled by them  
  • The companies that are driving innovation in precision medicine through the development of new pharmaceuticals

After you register your email address, you will be able to download the report immediately.

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Read Biomarker Trends™ >>

Biomarker Trends™ is published by Amplion as a place to keep informed about the changing biomarker landscape and to present relevant issues related to developing and commercializing biomarker-based IVD tests.

Special focus is placed on elaborating the factors that are rate-limiting to rapid clinical implementation of candidate biomarkers and describing successful approaches to test development and use.

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