Video Transcript

Hey, Mike here from Amplion. Conference season is in full swing right now. Lot of folks are asking me, how do I make the most of my conference budget. I’m investing in this event, sending my sales team out there and want to make sure that we get the most ROI out of this event budget.

I like to encourage our customers to really focus on setting up those meetings in advance and making sure that they’re picking the right meetings to go to – sending individual team members to just the right meetings, to make sure that they’re well distributed and aligned to the customer profiles they care about.

So let’s talk about that a little bit. First of all, every time that you’re going to be looking at conferences, which conferences should I be attending, or who should I reach out to?

It all starts with that key customer segment, that key filter criteria. So looking at things like what is the technical fit that I care about here? Am I going to an oncology conference or selling oncology related products and services? Is there a specific test methods, et cetera?

So what are those technical criteria? Number two, what are the firmographic details that I care about? Am I going to a conference hoping to find pharma folks or academics. And then lastly, what are the timing signals here. In this case, the timing signal are really closely narrowly focused on that conference attendance piece. So I’ll show you how we get to that.
And then how do I find those contacts and make sure that I’m speaking to the right people.

So let’s jump in here. For this example, I wanted to use a couple of different criteria here. So I’m looking at programs that are cell and gene therapies for this example. In my role as a sales person, I’m targeting pharma and biopharma organizations based in the U.S. – obviously all of these could be changed to meet your criteria. And then lastly, I’ve added this event here called “conference attendance” which you can always find yourself just by going into the filters, clicking on events here, and then finding conference attendance.

So this this filter is saying, show me everybody who has a drug program that is a cell or gene therapy; That’s a pharma or biopharma organization based in the U.S. and who also is going to a conference in the near future. We’re actually extracting this information from press releases.

So a lot of these press releases are coming from Fierce Biotech or Biospace. And we’re reading through these press releases to ascertain a few things. Number one, we see here that this organization is going to be presenting new data, and they’re going to be doing this at the International Liver Conference 2022. So we’ve identified who the organization is, where they’re attending, where they’re going to be presenting that data, as well as what the specific drugs are that are connected to this presentation. Because we’ve been able to extract that, we can then look at all the information around these drugs and say, are these cell or gene therapies? If so, then I’m interested.

So we’re connecting the dots here behind the scenes to reveal those programs that match the criteria we care about. And then we’re presenting that to you based on those connections. So step one is let’s go through this list and figure out where our customers are going.

So I see International Liver. I’m seeing this Second Annual Genetic Medicine. The Cell Therapy Symposium, et cetera. European Hematology. So a lot of options here to choose from, and this can first help me narrow which conferences should I go to. Maybe I’m going to go to all of them, but maybe I have to choose one. So looking at this list and identifying which are the ones that are most relevant to me, where am I going to have the most opportunities to have meetings could be an initial first step.

The second step is now that I found these programs and these organizations that are attending this conference, how do I know who to reach out to? This is really simple with Amplion because we’ve connected all the dots behind the scenes. All I need to do is go visit this organization’s contact page. Clicking on that link takes me to their org profile. I can get into the contacts view. And then I see here that there’s a list of three people that are doing gene and cell therapy. This event conference attendance might be throwing this off. So I’m going to remove this so I can expand my list. And there we go. Now we’ve got a much rounder list of folks that we want to reach out to if we need to. If this list was very long, like a large pharma organization, I could get even more narrowly tailored by title or even focused on specific drugs if I wanted to. But this gives me access to that list.

Now that I have this list, I can reach out to them by emailed directly or through LinkedIn because we’re making these connections in LinkedIn. I’m able to see Michael Sofia at this organization is the CSO. That’s the person that I want to talk to. Click on that LinkedIn icon right there. And that will take me directly to this individual. So really great opportunity to use LinkedIn as an outreach method, ask them or let them know, Hey, I noticed that you’re going to be attending this conference. I’d love to meet up to talk with you about some of the challenges that you may be having. Of course, you’ve got their email as well.

Very easy to just select all of these folks, either add those leads to Salesforce or export the entire list to use it in your marketing automation platform.

So hopefully this help. If you need any help finding contacts, finding the right conferences or any approaches to this outreach, please feel free to reach out. We’d be happy to help!