Video Transcript

Hello Amplion community! This is Mike and I am making a video today to show you how you can use the platform for new account identification, as well as account scoring. This is really valuable for marketing teams and sales teams that are looking for new targets – for example, in the emerging biopharma area or others.

And I wanted to show you how we can do this really simply to get to a comprehensive list. That includes all of your addressable accounts based on the firmographic and technical criteria that you care about.

So in this case, I’m looking for pharma organizations that are based in the U.S. that are doing cell and gene therapies – and specifically those ones that are doing that in the oncology therapeutic area.

I’m on the organizations tab. And what you’ll see here is a list of all of the organizations that match this criteria. What’s great about this view is that we can put in several filter criteria like funding – total funding or recent funding.

And we also have the ability to match the number of events for each organization. So I can see that this first organization has two matching events. That means they’ve published a research publication or a conference abstract that is specific to cell and gene therapy in oncology.
And they’ve done that twice.

On the other han, this fourth organization here has published 41 times out of a total of 97. So probably a higher saturation rate in terms of fitting to my ideal customer segment. And so maybe it’s a better organization to focus on or to prioritize initially from each of these organizations.

You can drill in directly into their org view to find contacts, see all of the drug programs, et cetera, but this is a great way to start driving a master list that you can then either use in the app to target or export – and determine if you want to filter some of them or prioritize some of them offline before you bring them into your CRM.

So hopefully this is helpful. If you’re not sure how to do this, feel free to reach out to our customer success team. And we would be happy to help!