Improve Your Commercial Growth Strategy with Custom-Tailored Intelligence


Identify Prequalified Opportunities Automatically

Amplion's machine learning platform scours the preclinical and clinical research landscape to identify and prequalify new business opportunities that are precisely aligned to your product and service capabilities.

Identifying Qualified Opportunities is Key to Growth – It’s Also a Significant Challenge

Amplion’s Intelligence Platform Synthesizes the World’s Biomedical Evidence to Identify Opportunities that are Relevant to You
Evidence Sources
analyzed for contextual relevance
Life Science Organizations
continuously monitored

Tracked Clinical Trials
that define your market landscape
New Pubs and Trials
analyzed weekly
Discover, qualify and close opportunities.
 Faster than ever.

  Discover New Customers

Amplion discovers emerging Drug R&D programs before that big press release, so you know what’s next before it happens.

“With Amplion, we identified a white space market opportunity enabling us to put together a solid business case to pursue an emerging opportunity."

- Chief Marketing Officer
Large Global Diagnostics Developer

  Identify Prequalified Opportunities

Amplion analyzes the entire biomedical landscape, so that you gain access to relevant opportunities in real-time.

"Amplion helps us to identify collaboration opportunities and emerging Biotech partners that have strong evidence for commercial success."

- VP, Business Development
Precision Medicine Platform Company

  Close More Deals

For every new opportunity, Amplion delivers the right contacts to engage and the customer requirements that you need to be well-prepared for that first engagement.

“Amplion helped us expand our business development efforts across the globe, and we are talking with highly targeted and prioritized potential partners in 1/12 the time it was taking us before Amplion.”

- CEO, Asia-based Biotech

Our customers are growing faster with Amplion. Here's what they're telling us...
Increase in
Qualified Pipeline
through strategic targeting of the most relevant accounts
Increase in
Close Rate
by connecting with the right contact at the right time

Increase in
Sales Engagement
 by reducing time spent on unqualified opportunities

How Amplion's Solution Works:
 4 Steps to Predictable Growth
Customer Profile

Define your ideal customer profile (ICP), including test requirements drug development activities and financial health.

Identify accounts that match your ICP and prioritize those for continuous, real-time monitoring.
Compelling Events

Receive targeted alerts with fully-qualified opportunities that match your test capabilities and ICP.

Gain immediate access to actionable account insights, to inform your targeted sales messaging.
“With Amplion, we identified a white space market opportunity enabling us to put together a solid business case to pursue an emerging opportunity."

Chief Marketing Officer, Global Diagnostics Developer
Case Study
How a leading Dx developer identified 80 prequalified Pharma and Biotech partnering opportunities in just 2 months