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State of the Company Update: May 2016



We usually send company updates at the end of the year, but since we’ve accomplished so much in the past 5 months we had to share some of the highlights with you.  We’ve made major data coverage strides in our flagship product, BiomarkerBase:

  • 10,165 new Lab Developed Tests (most complete known coverage)
  • 41,039 new Clinically Validated Biomarkers
  • 2,479 new Targets
  • 78 new Diseases matched
  • 41 new Drugs
  • 2,207 new Clinical Trials

Scroll down below to see all of our highlights from the last few months.



Companion Diagnostic Biomarker Trends Report




  • Trends in how biomarkers and biomarker-based tests are currently being used to identify patients and to guide drug dosing and safety
  • Companion diagnostic biomarkers in the labels of FDA-approved drugs
  • Tests that are used to measure those biomarkers, and the drugs that are enabled by them
  • The companies that are driving innovation in precision medicine through the development of new pharmaceuticals



Precision Medicine Scorecard Revision: Novartis Leads The Way



  • How many precision medicines a company currently markets;
  • The percentages of the company’s recent clinical trials that involve biomarkers;
  • The number of novel Oncology drugs the company has in its pipeline*;
  • The number of “proprietary”† biomarkers the company is using in its clinical trials.




Market insight + Technical Expertise = Biomarker Workspace View

If simplifying your biomarker management and planning with more powerful filtering, saved searches, and improved exporting could help make your strategic product decisions easier, you need to watch our quick video of Biomarker Workspace:

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10,165 LDTs added to BiomarkerBase from almost all LDT developers 


We leveraged our technology to increase our LDT coverage 10-fold, giving access to a complete LDT picture for a given therapeutic area, disease, and biomarker.

We believe that it could be most comprehensive coverage of LDTs available.




Coverage of biomarkers in EU Trials added to database 

  • 174 new Biomarkerseu_logo.png
  • 1177 EU Trials
  • 2032 new biomarker associations with diseases
  • 1595 newly identified industry clinical trial sponsorships

BiomarkerBase includes new trial filtering and view features


  • Filter biomarkers to those used as outcome and safety measures
  • Filter trials to only those with results
  • Insights view of biomarker targets showing company and therapeutic area activity



New white paper reveals how biomarkers contribute to Precision Medicine

Health Decisions’ white paper, Nine Tips for Success in Precision Medicine: Concise Guidance for Biopharma and Diagnostics Developers, they outline the challenging, but bright, and fast approaching transition to precision medicine and states that a focus early on clinical validation of biomarkers is one of nine key steps to secure a position in the development of precision medicine.



Biomarker usage feature among several new improvements to BiomarkerBase


  • Biomarker usage by trial: inclusion/exclusion filtering
  • Full associated publication data with filtering and search functions
  • Trial study publication results filtering




We can hardly believe how much we’ve accomplishments to date. In 2016 we have more great stuff coming down the pike:

  • Pre-clinical coverage
  • Panel candidate identification
  • More powerful analysis and exploration features
  • Extended market reporting
  • Expanded consulting services

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