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Biomarker Intelligence
for Diagnostic Innovation

Discover New Pharma Opportunities and Improve Top Line Revenue
with the Right Products at the Right Time
Product Portfolio Strategic Planning

Amplion leverages sophisticated machine learning to collect, analyze, and categorize biomarker intelligence.  Access to the comprehensive evidence landscape allows us to develop and justify your overall product portfolio strategy and support the following activities with the highest confidence:

Business Development:
Discover New Pharma Opportunities

Precision Medicine is creating dramatic opportunities for diagnostic providers. Winners and losers will be determined based on how quickly product and business development teams can identify new CDx opportunities that match their test capabilities. 

Every day thousands of new Pharma publications, trials and abstracts are published. And any one of them may reveal a compelling event for your business. But identifying these opportunities amidst a flood of new drug discovery is a challenge that is beyond human scale. 

Amplion's machine learning and analysis platform is designed to evaluate thousands of documents every day to identify the events that matter most to your business and product strategy. 

Gone are the days of waiting months for your team to sift through evidence or waiting for research reports. With Amplion, the highest priority Pharma partnerships are delivered to you in moments. 

Solution Highlights:

  • Targeted reporting and alerts to identify compelling events relevant to biomarker test technology
  • Identification of relevant drug pipeline activity targeted by disease, drug, drug target, biomarker, sample type, test methodology, company and geography
  • Immediate access to relevant drug and test attributes to deliver impactful account insights and equip Pharma outreach team

Biomarker Intelligence
Benefits By Role

Build and develop your biomarker strategy with Amplion to increase your likelihood of program success. 

Discover new Pharma opportunities that are relevant to your diagnostic technology.  Equip your account executives with the information they need to engage with the right customer at the right time.  

Proactively monitor the competitive landscape around your testing technology, diseases, and other relevant dimensions.