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Finding research and drug development programs that exactly match your capabilities and getting the account insights you need to win those deals is critical to growth for research product and services teams like yours, but it’s demanding and tedious work.

Amplion machine learning analyzes millions of pieces of biomedical evidence to reveal qualified, prioritized leads and deep program insights in minutes, even those that you might otherwise miss. It finds all the needles in all the haystacks, so you can focus on crushing your goals. And get out of the hay.


Win with data-driven, qualified leads delivered automatically.

You might even get to skip eating lunch at your desk for once.

Amplion Synthesizes the World’s Biomedical Evidence to Discover, Track and Profile the Growth Opportunities that Matter Most to You



Evidence Sources

analyzed for contextual relevance



Life Science Organizations

continuously monitored



Clinical Trials

with disease, pipeline and contact info



New Press Releases, Pubs and Trials

analyzed weekly

Discover, track and qualify opportunities aligned to your growth objectives, automatically.

Find Your Ideal Partners and Get In Early to Relevant Research and Drug Programs

You define your unique, ideal customer profile across dozens of dimensions—such as test method, sample type and biomarker activity—so all irrelevant data are filtered out, leaving you with only the leads that align to your goals. Machine-learning trained algorithms automatically score and prioritize your leads, so you can skip the manual labor and get down to business.

Transform Your Team with Custom Targeting and Total Transparency

Each member of your commercial team can create their own ideal customer profile, giving them immediate access to relevant leads and key qualifying insights, including development activity, biomarker activity and over 50 more attributes. And when new team members come on board, they can hit the ground running with leads specific to their product focus, region, or other parameters.

Employ Actionable Insights to Win Over the Dealmakers

Program-level verified contacts enable you to reach out to the right decision maker sooner. Real-time alerts let you know about new compelling events so you’re never caught off guard. And because you’re armed with comprehensive insights about your target accounts, you’ll make a great impression every time.

How Amplion Works:
4 Steps to Beating Your Growth Targets

Specify Your Perfect Partner

Map out your ideal partner profile, including type or size of organization, test and biomarker requirements, therapeutic areas, drug development activities and dozens of other attributes to surface all your target accounts effortlessly.

Get In Early and Beat the Crowd

Make the most of your expanded visibility into early stage indicators—press releases, conference abstracts, research publications and more—to identify new leads that match your capabilities, so you can engage sooner and improve your odds of success.

Overcome Doubt with Data

Make more confident partnership decisions with comprehensive, data-driven insights into the technical fit, commercial opportunity and competitive landscape with clarity like you’ve never seen before.

Track the Action Without Distraction

Reclaim your schedule with real-time push notifications of compelling events and new leads, so you can track program development automatically. Insights delivered to your inbox let you reimagine how you manage your day.

See How Our Customers
Have Amped Up Their Results

Our users are growing faster with Amplion intelligence. The data show:



Increase in


Qualified Pipeline Opportunities

through strategic targeting of the most relevant accounts



Increase in


Close Rate

by connecting with the right contact at the right time



Increase in


Sales Engagement

by reducing time spent on unqualified opportunities

The only qualified lead generation engine that does the heavy lifting for you