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Precision Medicine Scorecard Revision: Novartis Leads The Way


We have just updated our Precision Medicine Scorecard, where we rank drug developers based on how much they are contributing to the advancement of precision medicine.  For this edition of the Scorecard we incorporated pipeline data and it greatly enriched the rankings.


In the prior version we also included data on the number of employees involved in roles related to precision medicine, but based on feedback from readers and our own review of this variable we decided to strike employee data from this and future versions of the Scorecard.

In this version of the Scorecard we included:

  • How many precision medicines a company currently markets;
  • The percentages of the company’s recent clinical trials that involve biomarkers;
  • The number of novel Oncology drugs the company has in its pipeline*;
  • The number of “proprietary”† biomarkers the company is using in its clinical trials.

Based on these factors, Novartis, Roche and AstraZeneca stand out in their contributions to precision medicine.  View Scorecard.