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Evidence-Based Biomarker Strategic Planning

Biomarker Strategic Planning for Pharma

Biomarker strategic plans are becoming an integral part of the drug discovery and development process. Leaders in Pharma are implementing formal, stage-gating biomarker strategic plans for all of their programs. Ensure you are keeping pace as the world of precision medicine, driven by biomarker strategies, become the standard for drug development.

A good biomarker strategic plan allows pharmaceutical companies to:

  • Ensure an effective mix of biomarkers to improve a program’s likelihood of success
  • Establish Clinical / Mechanistic Differentiation
  • Recruit the right patients that are the best fit for your program
  • Identify the best opportunities for developing companion diagnostic partnerships

The biomarker strategic plans outline the key biomarkers and the potential impacts and applications to your programs.

Amplion combines sophisticated machine learning to synthesize the world’s biomedical knowledge and deep biomarker expertise to deliver actionable insights. With unprecedented access to a comprehensive evidence landscape, you can develop your product portfolio strategy with a comprehensive analysis and support the following activities with the highest confidence:

of Action






Target Evaluation and Validation Report

In the earliest phases of drug discovery it is critical that the evaluation of candidate targets is comprehensive and well understood. The goal is to identify the state-of-the-art research around a candidate target and the potential surrogate biomarkers.

Amplion provides an unmatched ability to comprehensively understand a candidate target and, more importantly, surrogate biomarkers that can determine the effectivity, patient populations and, safety potential for a candidate target.

Our solutions team is experienced in key target analysis and insight to ensure evidence-based go/no-go decisions in the earliest phases of a drug programs discovery and development. We provide these solutions through detailed literature, trial, drug, and other evidence review for key biological information, especially pathway and MOA information.


Target Evaluation and Validation Report:


  • Executive summary
  • Project background
  • Detailed literature and trial review
  • Biomarker interaction (e.g. up regulated, down regulated)
  • Gene expression study findings
  • Detailed data from relevant studies
  • Full Bibliography

Market Analysis

Whether you’re looking to deepen your thought leadership role, or understand the opportunity a therapeutic program represents, Amplion’s service team can provide the insight to increase your market success.

As new technologies, approaches, and innovations emerge, Amplion is well positioned to provide the actionable insights needed to establish your market success.

We have provided deep market analysis and thought leadership in the following areas:


  • Liquid biopsy market trends, state of development and impact on precision medicine
  • Which drug companies are market leaders in the use of biomarkers and the development of precision therapeutics?
  • How are biomarker-based tests regulated and reimbursed, and how do these factors influence go-to-market strategies for new test products?
  • What are the best opportunities for developing companion diagnostic partnerships?

Biomarker Intelligence
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Build and develop your biomarker strategy with Amplion to increase your likelihood of program success.


Discover the best and most effective evidence to validate biomarker strategies and assay strategies


Efficiently uncover the best and most effective evidence to validate biomarker strategies and ensure human trial clinical success


Proactively monitor the competitive landscape around your MOAs, diseases, and other relevant dimensions


Integrate your decision support systems and internally curated information with timely and actionable biomarker intelligence for enabling effective and comprehensive drug program decision support