We are interested in how biomarkers are used in all aspects of healthcare.  Today Amplion is focused on the supporting the research side of healthcare with our product BiomarkerBase, helping diagnostic, pharma and life science companies make strategic decisions involving the use of biomarkers.

Most of these decisions involve pharmaceutical and diagnostic product development, but we are also now seeing biomarkers used to identify business development and sales opportunities, particularly for Contract Research Organizations (CROs).

For CROs that have strong testing competence in a given disease area, clinical trial records represent a significant resource for identifying new opportunities for test adoption.  When trials have been announced in ClinicalTrials.gov (CT.gov), but aren’t yet recruiting patients, this is a good chance to promote a company’s testing capabilities to the coordinators of the trial.

The process is relatively straightforward.  Search CT.gov for the relevant biomarker targets, identify the trials in which they are being measured, filter them based on recruitment status, and then review each trial record for the contact information for the trial coordinators (which usually includes phone number and email address).

Some important considerations:

– Make sure to search for all of the relevant synonyms for each biomarker target.

– Standard/advanced CT.gov search capabilities don’t look in all fields in each clinical trial record, so ideally, download the XML of recently added trial records to ensure complete coverage.