We have recently been focusing on the growth in the use of biomarkers in clinical trials, and today pulled data from BiomarkerBase to examine the growth in the number of unique biomarkers that are being used in the inclusion/exclusion criteria of active clinical trials.

This is a particuarly interesting group of biomarkers for diagnostic test developers, because all of these biomarkers have the potential to be required in new tests when/if the drugs for which they are being used are approved.

For clinical trials that were started during 2000, only 15 unique biomarkers were used for patient segmentation.  Contrast this with trials started during 2015 when 158 are being used.


There is clearly a lot of opportunity for test developers who are aware of the biomarkers being used to segment patients in clinical trials, as there is a built-in market for all new companion diagnostic tests.  Filter down to biomarkers being used in phase 3 trials and you have an even more interesting target list for new tests.

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