This week’s Chart of the Week communicates recent research on the irrelevant results found through manual review of literature versus results found through a combination of human and machine curation.


This preliminary research measures the percent decrease in curation time on and through utilization of BiomarkerBase and its ability to eliminate results that have been deemed “irrelevant”. and are flooded with results that have no real biomarker and disease correlation. In this Chart of the Week, the percent decrease in curation time (50% on average and 53% for High Evidence Biomarkers) is for a single biomarker and disease correlation. If you are managing multiple research projects, the average percent of irrelevant results can be applied to each project.

The percent decrease in curation time is determined by the manual curation rate of our PhD Scientisi and reflects the mass amounts of results in manually searching both and in comparisson to the known results of relevant trials and publications in BiomarkerBase, checked by both our machine algorithm and curation techniques as well as manually by our PhD scientist. High Evidence Biomarkers are considered those with large amounts of results in both Clinical Trials and Publications respectively.