In mid-2015 we worked hard to add a new source of evidence for biomarkers: Laboratory Developed Tests, or LDTs.  This was a huge milestone for Amplion.  We successfully used our technology to identify biomarkers in a new information source very quickly without sacrificing quality.  We identified over 1000 biomarkers that we had not seen in our other evidence sources, many of them novel.

We are very proud of this achievement, but it was fairly limited.  For instance, we only pulled biomarkers from the Mayo clinic test menu.  We considered it a proof-of-concept that we could pull highly accurate information from an unstructured data source using our biomarker algorithms.

Today we are happy to announce our initial LDT proof-of-concept was a  success and that we’ve leveraged the technology to increase our LDT coverage 10-fold, by adding 10,165 LDT tests to BiomarkerBase from almost all LDT developers. We believe this is the most comprehensive coverage of LDTs available.

In general, this will give you access to a complete LDT picture for a given therapeutic area, disease, and biomarker.

As a diagnostic developer or CRO you will now:

  • have a complete competitive understanding of panel biomarkers for your own development prioritization
  • be able to discover the complementary biomarkers that will drive panel design in the future

As a drug developer you will now:

  • have access to the complete diagnostic market when developing a CDx plan in trials
  • understand complementary biomarkers that, when included, make your trial design stronger

Some additional stats on our increased LDT coverage:

  • More than 200 LDT providers identified
  • Almost 40k more biomarkers identified
  • More than 2,400 additional targets identified
  • 25 new disease areas covered

If you would like a 1:1 demonstration on our new comprehesive LDT coverage or to see a complete picture for your therapeutic area, disease, or biomarker of greatest interest, let us know bu clicking below:

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