Improve Your Commercial Growth Strategy with Custom-Tailored Intelligence


Equip Your Business Development Team to Win Pharma Partnerships

With Amplion, you’ll have continuously updated visibility into the world’s entire biomedical and drug development landscape precisely matched to your product capabilities so you can identify, prioritize and engage with the right opportunities at the right time to drive revenue growth.
Identifying Qualified Pharma Opportunities is Key to Growth – It’s Also a Significant Challenge
Developing high-value Pharma partnerships is slow and costly without a proactive, targeted strategy. Amplion’s Dx:Revenue Solution uses machine learning to discover timely, relevant partnering opportunities tailored to your specific needs so you can plan and drive predictable growth.
Our customers are achieving significant efficiency in business prospecting with Amplion's Dx:Revenue solution 

Here's what they're telling us they've realized...
Increase in Qualified Pipeline opportunities by improving visibility into the drug development landscape
Increase in Close Rate attributed to outreach to the right prospect at precisely the right time
Increase in Qualified Sales Engagement by avoiding time spent on unqualified opportunities
Where There’s Challenge, There’s Opportunity –
How Amplion Makes a Difference
Account Prioritization

Ad-hoc outreach to potential partners with the hope of good news is time-consuming and inefficient. With Amplion’s Dx:Revenue solution, your business development team has timely access to compelling events enabled through targeted machine learning to identify and prioritize new account opportunities that match your capabilities and ideal customer profile.
Timely Outreach

Without automated advanced intelligence, identifying relevant compelling events that warrant outreach to the right prospects at just the right time, is time-consuming and unreliable. With Amplion's continuous monitoring and instant access to relevant pre-qualified opportunities, your team can leverage compelling events to build relationships and engage with the right decision makers at the most critical window of opportunity, immediately delivering a competitive advantage while saving valuable time and effort.
Engagement Optimization

To improve pipeline conversion, you need a strong understanding of your target customer’s requirements, clinical trial activity and financial health before you engage. With Amplion, every compelling event is prescreened for relevance in each of these areas and key opportunity insights are presented up front to provide you with an optimal partnering experience and increased conversions.
How Amplion's Dx:Revenue Solution Works:
 4 Steps to Predictable Growth
Customer Profile

Define your ideal customer profile (ICP), including test requirements drug development activities and financial health.

Identify accounts that match your ICP and prioritize those for continuous, real-time monitoring.
Compelling Events

Receive targeted alerts with fully-qualified opportunities that match your test capabilities and ICP.

Gain immediate access to actionable account insights, to inform your targeted sales messaging.
“With Amplion, we identified a white space market opportunity enabling us to put together a solid business case that was presented to senior leadership and approved for funding. The product has become central to our growth strategy."

Chief Marketing Officer, Large Global Diagnostics Developer
Case Study:
How a leading Dx developer identified 80 full-qualified Pharma and Biotech partnering opportunities