Most of us welcomed 2020 with our sights set on new achievements, only to have our business activities and life as we know it significantly disrupted by the COVID-19 crisis. While sheltering in place is a crucial step to save lives, disruptions to networking and business development activities—canceled conferences, restricted travel and remote work—are detrimental to the health of our organizations as well as the patients and customers we serve. In a world without handshakes, making critical connections is harder than ever.

As we adjust to social distancing, we also must adapt to new business realities. Still, these challenges offer an opportunity to rethink and improve our existing processes, for now, and for the long term. But flattening the curve does not have to mean flattening your revenue or missing opportunities to connect. Amplion can help you gain greater control and standardization of your prospecting methods to help make your business more resilient in times of crisis and every day.

Amplion helps you solve for social distancing. Unlike other market intelligence or lead generation solutions, with Amplion, you choose the attributes that define your ideal drug development partner, based on their needs and your unique capabilities. Amplion automatically finds your exact matches and delivers prioritized, qualified leads right to your inbox. Here is a glimpse of how Amplion can improve your ability to find the right collaborators just in time, compared to how most teams are working:

Conventional ProspectingAmplion Lead Sourcing
Search for LeadsSpend hours every week scouring news, press releases, conference abstracts, research publications, etc. to identify new drug programsSet up an ideal customer profile for drug programs that match your capabilities, goals, therapeutic area, and more and leads are automatically displayed on your desktop
Qualify LeadsDo more research to see if program leads are applicable to your business capabilities, organizations are financially sound, timing is applicable, etc.Machine learning uses your ideal customer profile to analyze dozens of attributes across millions of data points to provide prioritized, pre-qualified leads instantly
Monitor AccountsEvery team member does their own weekly research, sets Google alerts for new mentions, which may or may not be relevant to your businessAlerts detailing new leads and compelling events are delivered to your inbox, and they’re pre-qualified and sorted by roles you select, so you don’t have to assess relevance
Conduct Contact ResearchScour trial records, abstracts, databases, contact generators, websites and conference listings to find key contacts, current role and contact detailsRelevant contacts—such as trial investigators and commercial and project leaders—are automatically surfaced, along with up-to-date contact details

Amplion’s machine learning analyzes early stage research indicators like press releases, research publications and conference abstracts that alert you to the start of a drug program. Since technologies and partners are usually selected early in the program, timely notifications let you know when it’s time to connect. And when you reach out, you’ll have up-to-date contact information for investigators and teams and deep program insights that will help you close the deal—even from your living room.

While the Amplion platform is a much needed solution in this time of crisis, it is built to benefit and strengthen your efforts in all situations. That’s because we intentionally leveraged modern technology to help you simplify work that only grows in complexity due to a biological revolution in a digitally connected world. Amplion will help you stop drowning in data and enjoy smooth sailing no matter what storms come your way.

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