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We held a webinar on Tuesday that allowed us to introduce our Biomarker Intelligence Maturity Model and to announce our new partnership with AdisInsight, a member of the Springer Nature family. We can assure you that the two are related.  To see for yourself check out the webinar recording…(Read More)

This week’s Chart of the Week attempts to communicate the correlation between a Company’s Precision Medicine Score and the Company’s Phase 3 Likelihood of Approval (LOA). This chart depicts how as a company increases their Precision Medicine Score, they will also see an increase in their likelihood of approval. This preliminary research…(Read More)

Three weeks ago we introduced the concept of the Biomarker Intelligence Maturity Model where we unveiled the 5 stage, 4 swim-lane model representing how companies improve biomarker intelligence management to win in drug and diagnostic development. This is the second installment of that series where we will cover the Process swim lane. Specifically, we…(Read More)

This week’s Chart of the Week attempts to communicate recent research on the percent of results you are missing in your clinical information searches (e.g. pubmed,, etc) without utilizing  target and synonym technologies like in BiomarkerBase. This chart depicts how many relevant and potentially game changing trials and publications manual curation…(Read More)

This week’s Chart of the Week communicates recent research on the irrelevant results found through manual review of literature versus results found through a combination of human and machine curation. This preliminary research measures the percent decrease in curation time on and through utilization of BiomarkerBase and its ability to…(Read More)

Originally posted on Springer Nature’s web site. Partnership to enrich drug and clinical trial content in the AdisInsight platform Heidelberg | New York, 4 October 2016 Adis, a leading global provider of drug information, has entered into a partnership with Amplion, market-leaders in  biomarker information, to enrich drug and clinical trial content in the…(Read More)

This week’s Chart of the Week attempts to communicate recent research on pure manual review of literature versus a combination of human and machine curation. These preliminary results measure the extra amount of time it will take to manually curate results that have been deemed “irrelevant”. and are flooded with…(Read More)

This is the first of a 5 installment series covering what we’ve learned about effective biomarker knowledge management over the last few years. The topic will be driven by a “maturity model” that we’ve developed while working with our pharmaceutical, diagnostic and consulting clients. The model outlines the common practice of our clients…(Read More)

In BiomarkerBase we track biomarker use in trials, including those biomarkers used as patient selection criteria in particular clinical trials. We used this capability in a report we recently co-authored with BIO and Informa on clinical trials success rates (spoiler: patient selection biomarkers increase likelihood of approval significantly). For this chart of the week…(Read More)

In May we released a report co-authored with BIO and BioMedTracker. One of the key take-aways from the report is that patient selection biomarkers, if used successfully, can triple the Likelihood of Approval (LOA) for clinical studies.  Here is the data: Share this Image On Your Site Please include attribution to…(Read More)