Unearth targeted partnership opportunities

Upgrade your research process to find golden opportunities before they’re gone.

Identifying partnership opportunities within Pharma, Biopharma and Academia organizations takes a lot of research. You are constantly networking and scanning the horizon for insights to find the deals that will move your company forward. Amplion helps business development teams drive decisions with deep data insights, surfaced in real time.

Amplion helps you make the most of your day, cutting your research time by providing highly targeted accounts and contacts instantly. Insights pushed directly to your inbox help you stay on top of emerging opportunities, and catch key signals that mean it’s time to make your move.


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“Before we started using Amplion, we had completely exhausted our prospecting efforts. Amplion has really helped us fill our funnel with opportunities that are a perfect match. There are new opportunities springing up every day, and we’re excited to avoid the tedious prospecting process we were using previously .”`
Sr. Research and Business Development Manager

Leading Life Science Assay Provider

How does Amplion help business development teams win?

Find new opportunities faster.

Combine your account, contact, and industry research with a single AI platform so you can find the organizations that fit your ideal partner profile in a snap. It’s like having a team of PhDs and data scientists researching the market for you 24/7 and delivering their findings while you sleep. You make it look easy now, but wouldn’t it be great if it were just easier?

Research and Drug Program Search Criteria
Research and Drug Program Search Criteria

Find ideal partners at the ideal time.

Real-time organization and program alerts help you find partners that match your organization’s capabilities and goals at the moment they’re ready for your solution. Signals like key scientific or leadership hires, new funding, research and drug program stage changes, and scientific discoveries are all clues that signal the time is ripe to reach out. Keep competitors out of your lunchbox and get to the best deals first.

Get time with the right people.

Getting people’s attention is harder than ever. You really have to know everything about an organization’s programs, challenges, and trajectory to gain trust and credibility, not to mention getting meetings with the right people. Amplion provides insights into your targets’ business and program-specific contacts, so scoring facetime and dazzling the dealmakers is all downhill from here.

Research and Drug Program Search Criteria


Integrated intelligence that fits your workflow

All of your critical data sources in one place. Consolidated, streamlined research and deep insights help you find the best partnerships and opportunities lightning fast.


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