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Welcome! Here at Amplion, we have created a series of videos, case studies & white papersreportswebinars, and podcasts for you to understand who we are, why we created BiomarkerBase, and how to get the most value out of our product for your specific biomarker needs from biomarker competitive intelligence to target identification.



Video Tutorials

Intro to BiomarkerBase

A knowledge base of biomarkers in clinical use and development that is comprehensive, easy to browse, and updated regularly.


Inclusion Criteria 

An overview on how we include biomakers in BiomarkerBase.  


Use Case: Target Identification

Identify product and business development opportunities that will be profitable to your organization. 


Use Case:

Product Porfolio Management

How do you manage your portfolio against the competitive landscape and limited development resources? 


Use Case:

Trial Planning

You have a trial to plan. Where do you start your biomarker planning to ensure you avoid early mistakes that will cost you down the road?


Use Case: 

Strategic Consulting

Gather high level trends at a glance to effectively guide your clients strategic product and business development direction. 


Product Feature:

Watch List

Personalize BiomarkerBase by marking biomarkers to be watched and stay on top of biomarkers that are important to you.


NEW Product Feature:

Biomarker Workspace View

Improve your biomarker management and planning with more powerful filtering, saved searches, and improved exporting.


Product Feature: 


See top market trends in the biomarker landscape and make informed decisions about where your area of interest in heading.


Product Feature:

Panel Development

BiomarkerBase’s built in panel and portfolio intelligence does the searching for you with better coverage and better accuracy.


Product Feature:

Laboratory Developed Tests

BiomarkerBase is the first biomarker database to see all the tests for a particular biomarker from one of the top 4 labs in the US. 


Case Studies & White Papers


Driving Market Research Efficiency and Effectiveness at Conversant Bio. 

Conversant Bio Case Study Driving Market Research Efficiency and Effectiveness

 Conducting research and maintaining market awareness instantly became simpler at Conversant Bio after they started using BiomarkerBase. 




9 Tips for Success in Precision Medicine: Concise Guidance for Biopharma & Diagnostics Developers.

New Call-to-actionHealth Decisions reports that an early focus on clinical validation of biomarkers is one of 9 key steps to securing a position in the development of precision medicine. 



Industry Reports

NEW! Companion Diagnostic Biomarker Trends Report

New Call-to-actionOur free report describes trends in how biomarkers and biomarker-based tests are currently being used to identify patients and to guide drug dosing and safety.




Commercial Trends Report

Market Trends for Biomarker-based IVD Tests (2003-2014)

New Call-to-actionThis free report covers: 

  • Annual tests releases and review periods
  • Novelty of biomarkers in test
  • Biomarker panels
  • Companion disgnostic test development
  • Companies involved in test development


UPDATED! Precision Medicine Scorecard

Updated Drug Edition, Q2, 2016

Precision Medicine Scorecard Q1 2016This new version of the precision medicine scorecard has a modified methodology for ranking companies marketing the most precision medicines and using the most biomarkers in their trials.  



Clinical Development Success Rates

2006 - 2015. 

Clinical Trial Success Rates ReportAmplion, BIO, and BioMedTracker release new report on ground breaking role biomarkers have in tripling clinical trial Likelihood of Approval (LOA) rates. 




Jan 2016:

5 biomarker intelligence practices of innovative diagnostics & life science companies New Call-to-action

Feb 2016:

The CI Dilemma: Biomarkers Focus Competitive Intelligence Practices 

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Mar 2016:

Supercharge your Biomarker Analysis and Selection 


April 2016 Webinar: 

Complementary Biomarkers: Why Using Biomarkers Together is Key

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August 2016 Webinar: 

Liquid Biopsy in Precision Medicine, Redux



June 2016 Webinar: 

Triple your clinical trial success rate with biomarkers



July 2016 Webinar

Liquid Biopsy Biomarkers in Precision Medicine

October 2016 Webinar

Improving Your Biomarker Intelligence -

Hosted by Springer Nature and Amplion

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Making Oregon:

Making Sense of Biomarkers: Connecting Business Innovation and The Future of Medicine

The Bio Report:

Improving Drug Development Through Better Use of Biomarkers


Empowered Patient:

Promise and Reality of Biomarkers and liquid biopsy tests for early detection of diseases such as cancer