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In BiomarkerBase we track biomarker use in trials, including those biomarkers used as patient selection criteria in particular clinical trials. We used this capability in a report we recently co-authored with BIO and Informa on clinical trials success rates (spoiler: patient selection biomarkers increase likelihood of approval significantly). For this chart of the week…(Read More)

In May we released a report co-authored with BIO and BioMedTracker. One of the key take-aways from the report is that patient selection biomarkers, if used successfully, can triple the Likelihood of Approval (LOA) for clinical studies.  Here is the data: Share this Image On Your Site Please include attribution to…(Read More)

Last week we did a follow-up webinar on liquid biopsy.  In the extended analysis it became apparent that lung cancer is the focus of liquid biopsy. While breast cancer shows up on the top of this list, the combination of NSCLC and lung cancer surpasses breast cancer by 11 biomarkers in use for liquid…(Read More)

It is more costly to get biomarker information from public sources than you think. The volume of information requires technology assistance to be efficient. AI approaches like Natural Language Processing (NLP) are the best bet for efficient gathering of clinical information. Share this Image On Your Site <p><strong>Please include…(Read More)

Yesterday we held the second installment of our Liquid Biopsy in Precision Medicine webinar. We covered: The state of the art for the liquid biopsy landscape The methodology for identifying biomarkers in liquid biopsy panels The top liquid biopsy biomarker panels The companies creating liquid biopsy biomarker panels The trends in liquid biopsy biomarker innovation…(Read More)

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease affecting the skin for which there are currently no treatments available. In honor of August being National Psoriasis Awareness month, we’ve created this infographic highlighting some key satistics about the disease and how BiomarkerBase is currently watching over 100 biomarkers for Psoriasis. &nbsp…(Read More)

We have recently noticed a trend among our customers. We have been successfully addressing some key use cases of our customers focused on rare and orphan diseases. This is an interesting coincidence since rare diseases played such a key role in our recently published report on clinical trial success rates, co-authored with BIO and…(Read More)

The team at Amplion, inventors of BiomarkerBase, is proud to share a podcast we did with The Bio Report, a member of the Levine Media Group. The Bio Report specializes in taking complex ideas at the intersection of biotechnology, business, policy, and science and making them accessible in an easy-to-digest podcast format. Take…(Read More)

This past Sunday was Bladder Cancer awareness day. In honor of this, we’ve taken a closer look at this form of cancer and compared it to Melanoma – a much more well known form of cancer and nearly identical in terms of incidence statistics. &nbsp…(Read More)

In February of last year the FDA hosted a two-day workshop focused on technical and regulatory considerations related to the use of next generation sequencing (NGS) diagnostics in clinical practice.  This was a very forward-thinking move on the part of FDA, as clinical NGS is advancing rapidly and will soon become routine in…(Read More)