We’re on a Mission to Accelerate Precision Medicine

“Imagine the possibilities when the world’s biomedical knowledge is at every scientist’s fingertips and driving precision medicine strategies.”

Chris Capdevila
Amplion, CEO

Precision medicine has a problem. There is an insurmountable, explosive volume of information that has the potential to drive the realization of precision medicine. That information is, however, locked behind thousands of structured and unstructured information silos. The growth of these information silos cause, at best, an unscalable problem. At worst, they cause early, unrecoverable mistakes in drug and diagnostic product development that significantly impact the likelihood of market success. What if we could break through those silos and have this critical information at your fingertips in one central location?

At Amplion, we see biomedical evidence as the key to delivering on the realization of precision medicine. From drug discovery and development to companion diagnostics, we understand that evidence drives precision medicine.

We know that the only way to properly inform the drug discovery and development process and keep up with the explosive growth in biomarker research is to leverage machine learning to deliver the most relevant, evidence-based biomarker intelligence at scale. Amplion is focused on leveraging sophisticated machine learning to read sources of biologic and scientific information and collect, analyze and categorize the world’s biomarker knowledge.

Amplion’s pharmaceutical and diagnostic clients have accelerated their research and development by 50% or more and increased clinical program success rates by up to 3x over previous methods.

“Scientists can’t afford to miss something. Our reputations are dependent on ensuring that our strategies are well supported by the evidence.

What if you could get directly to the key evidence, relevant to your programs without having to read and remember all of it?”

Adam Carroll
Amplion, CSO