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We have recently noticed a trend among our customers. We have been successfully addressing some key use cases of our customers focused on rare and orphan diseases. This is an interesting coincidence since rare diseases played such a key role in our recently published report on clinical trial success rates, co-authored with BIO and…(Read More)

The team at Amplion, inventors of BiomarkerBase, is proud to share a podcast we did with The Bio Report, a member of the Levine Media Group. The Bio Report specializes in taking complex ideas at the intersection of biotechnology, business, policy, and science and making them accessible in an easy-to-digest podcast format. Take…(Read More)

In February of last year the FDA hosted a two-day workshop focused on technical and regulatory considerations related to the use of next generation sequencing (NGS) diagnostics in clinical practice.  This was a very forward-thinking move on the part of FDA, as clinical NGS is advancing rapidly and will soon become routine in…(Read More)

We believe that the holy grail of liquid biopsy is screening capability in urine samples. In preparation for our liquid biopsy webinar at the end of this month we’ve been analyzing information on the state of liquid biopsy. For some of the up-and-comer liquid biopsy vendors we analyzed their product catalogs to…(Read More)

An interesting article was published today in the Journal of Precision Medicine describing the importance of testing psychiatry patients for mutations in two companion diagnostic biomarkers, CYP2D6 and CYP2C19. These are indeed important biomarkers for safe administration of antidepressants and other psychiatric drugs, which over 10% of the American population receive.  They also happen to…(Read More)


Real-Time COVID R&D Tracking

As COVID-19 infections continue to spread, organizations with technologies or devices that can support new drug, vaccine, or test development have a life-saving contribution to make. The Amplion Intelligence Platform can alert you to new COVID-19 trial activities in real-time and automatically match you to partners who need your unique capabilities immediately. It’s already tomorrow somewhere, so let us help you start today.  Learn More

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