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The team at Amplion, inventors of BiomarkerBase, is proud to share a podcast we did with Making Oregon – the podcast that brings conversations with innovators, makers, doers, disruptors, and groundbreakers across the state. Take a listen to the story behind Amplion and hear the inspiration and ingenuity it takes to build and sustain our unique…(Read More)

In honor of Gilead’s newly approved, and cheaper, hepatitis C drug we decided to show the biomarker, trial and company landscape for hepatitis C. You can read more about Gilead’s new drug here, here and here. Purple: Company Red: Trials Blue: Biomarkers Green: Disease…(Read More)

Last week we posted an analysis of the growth rates and market caps for companies that develop IVD tests (which was in itself a follow-up to some analyses from a couple of years ago).  This week we are presenting the same analysis for developers of lab-developed tests (LDTs).  On both of the analyses…(Read More)

We are mildly obssessed with our customers and the markets into which we sell BiomarkerBase™.  We have been thinking lately about the value chain in healthcare and have concluded that, like most industries, it’s quite complicated.  We have tried to represent the “value network” of healthcare below.  What do you think? Share this Image…(Read More)

The news this week that CMS may reduce rates for some molecular diagnostic tests (by over 70% in a couple of cases) stimulated the idea of taking a quick look at the current market dynamics for diagnostic test developers. For this week’s post we decided to refresh an analysis that we first conducted back…(Read More)

For the chart of the week we wanted to explore the market for multi-analyte panels.  We found that single biomarker tests still vastly outnumber panels.  Stay tuned for more trending information in the coming weeks.  My hypothesis: Panels, even outside of NGS, are being introduced to the market faster than single biomarker tests. Share…(Read More)

We’ve published a few “graphs” illustrating topics interesting to us.  Last month published a graph showing Celgene’s biomarker and trial activities.  More recently we published a biomarker and trial landscape graph for Alzheimer’s disease. Because Alzheimer’s is getting a lot of attention at the BIO Convention we wanted to follow up…(Read More)

This blog was originally published on the Science Translational Medicine Blog, In The Pipeline by Derek Low on June 2, 2016. Here’s an updated look at clinical success rates in the biotech industry, from the BIO industry organization. They’re looking at only company-sponsored programs aimed at FDA registration, nothing investigator-sponsored, and…(Read More)


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