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Posts From the monthly archives: "April 2016"

Personalized medicine is an exciting space that is moving and changing quickly.  Staying on top of the changes and identifying parallel opportunities is difficult.  How do you identify what disease areas are complementary to your existing product strategy?  What is your competition doing that you are not?   BiomarkerBase’s new Workspace view allows you to…(Read More)

We are soon going to release a report describing trends in the development and use of companion diagnostic biomarkers, and a key part of preparing this report was breaking down companion diagnostic biomarkers into relevant groups.  A very clear initial division is between metabolic and non-metabolic biomarkers, as metabolic biomarkers are highly represented in…(Read More)

GenomeWeb published an article today about the connection between BRCA2 and prostate tumors.  As always, a clear connection between a biomarker like BRCA2 and a disease area is good for the future of personalized medicine.  It will allow us to better tailor therapies to individuals with certain genome traits. This study, however, gives the impression…(Read More)

In a CotW a few weeks ago we postulated that based on biomarker discovery work Celgene is poised to dominate personalized medicine.  However, this week’s chart suggests that if Celgene’s rise in personalized medicine is to happen it could be a long ways off.  Other big pharma are getting biomarkers to market faster…(Read More)

In mid-2015 we worked hard to add a new source of evidence for biomarkers: Laboratory Developed Tests, or LDTs.  This was a huge milestone for Amplion.  We successfully used our technology to identify biomarkers in a new information source very quickly without sacrificing quality.  We identified over 1000 biomarkers that we had not seen…(Read More)

A few months ago we investigated the use of unique biomarkers by big biopharma.  The use of unique biomarkers served as a measure of innovation for each of the biggest biopharma companies.  The most innovative companies are progressing biomarkers to trials more quickly than their less innovative competitors.  In fact, on average, innovative biopharma companies…(Read More)

At Amplion we have a commercial interest in access to high quality clinical information that can inform and contribute to our flagship product, BiomarkerBase.  However, we are truly passionate about contributing to higher quality, more personalized, medical advancements that improve the overall health of our communities.  We want to contribute to delivering on the promise…(Read More)