Posts From the monthly archives: "February 2016"

Anyone involved in biomarkers knows how imperative it is to stay informed about biomarker developments. Here at Amplion, we aggregate and annotate cutting edge biomarker information and publish it in BiomarkerBase, so you can stay up to date on the clinical biomarker landscape with minimal effort. On February 19, 2016 we released our latest data…(Read More)

In our Charts of the Week over the last several weeks we have been analyzing the use of unique biomarkers by pharmaceutical companies.  We are extending that analysis today with a look at the biomarker discovery activity of pharma companies as compared with the number of unique biomarkers they are using.  We discovered a couple…(Read More)

In our Chart of the Week post from last week we presented an analysis of the number of unique biomarkers being used by leading drug developers in their clinical trials (unique biomarkers being defined as those that aren’t being used by any other companies). This analysis generated a lot of interest, especially from our…(Read More)

I was in Silicon Valley last week for the 10th annual Personalized Medicine World Conference, and the primary themes were quite similar to last year’s event. On the research side, more phenotypes and data sharing remain the key limiting factors to faster growth in personalized/precision medicine.  “Platforms” definitely continue to grow in popularity…(Read More)


Real-Time COVID R&D Tracking

As COVID-19 infections continue to spread, organizations with technologies or devices that can support new drug, vaccine, or test development have a life-saving contribution to make. The Amplion Intelligence Platform can alert you to new COVID-19 trial activities in real-time and automatically match you to partners who need your unique capabilities immediately. It’s already tomorrow somewhere, so let us help you start today.  Learn More

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