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President Obama is pushing the term “Precision Medicine.” I was already pretty comfortable with the existing name for the movement, “Personalized Medicine,” but for a brief time bought into using the President’s term instead. Precision Medicine does address some current shortcomings after all. In order for medicine to be truly personalized we must know…(Read More)

We have just completed our first ranking of biopharma companies based on how much they are driving innovation in personalized medicine, and Genentech scored the highest among 25 companies. Download the scorecard whitepaper:   The ranking takes into consideration a variety of factors, including: • The number of personalized medicines each company is already marketing;…(Read More)

– Metabolism biomarker testing dominates companion diagnostic (CDx) use – There is significant variability in reimbursement trends from state-to-state for CDx biomarkers – Rejected claims for CDx biomarker testing dropped by almost a third from 2013 to 2014 We have just completed an analysis of data from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)…(Read More)

We have just completed the latest data update to BiomarkerBase, which includes the following new information: 1,099 Biomarkers (unique Target/Disease combinations) 119 Biomarker Targets 44 Diseases 47 Drugs 197 Clinical Trials Over the next few weeks we will be utilizing our new data gathering product, BiomarkerEngine™, to significantly expand our coverage of clinical…(Read More)

We recently announced a new product developed here at Amplion called BiomarkerEngine™, which is a system that is able to gather biomarker information from large datasets such as clinical trial databases. BiomarkerEngine is built on our proprietary platform called the Amplion Data Acquisition Platform, or ADAP™. In this post we will provide some detail about…(Read More)

An article published in Nature last month describes a recent trend in which “oncologists are starting to prescribe expensive new drugs that target the genetic profiles of their patients’ tumors, even when those treatments have not been approved for the particular cancer involved.” Such “off-label” use of drugs is nothing new. Claims have been…(Read More)


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