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Posts From the monthly archives: "June 2015"

A fascinating article was just published by Ariana Cha in the Washington Post describing how IBM’s Watson is being used at 14 major cancer centers to help interpret genomic data. The program is still in the early stages, which means that Watson is still learning, but healthcare has become IBM’s major focus with…(Read More)

“It’s not quite ‘circle-the-wagons’ time around here, but there definitely isn’t much appetite for trying new things.” This was the assessment shared with me recently by an executive at a leading diagnostics company when asked to describe his company’s general attitude toward innovation. A fundamental thing we have learned at…(Read More)

Nature recently published two articles, within a day of each other as it would happen, that describe challenges confronting the two biggest ideas for advancing personalized medicine. One-Person Trials The first idea, described in an article by Nicholas J. Schork, director of human biology at the J. Craig Venter Institute, is that of one…(Read More)