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Here at Amplion we are currently thinking very hard about how to represent in BiomarkerBase the ways in which emerging biomarkers are naturally grouping into panels, based on how they are used in clinical trials, described in the literature, and appear in clinical tests. In this context I thought it would be interesting, as a…(Read More)

In a move that directly addresses the problems plaguing the ability to conduct statistically-driven analysis of clinical genomic data (as described in the previous post), Qiagen and LabCorp have teamed up with multiple prestigious academic institutions to form the Allele Frequency Community. This group will pool its anonymized genomic data to allow for better…(Read More)

This moving opinion piece in the LA Times was just shared with me by Adam Carroll (our CSO and co-founder), which was written by a distinguished foreign correspondent, Laurie Becklund, who just died of breast cancer. In this piece Laurie lays a withering blow on modern healthcare and advancements in personalized/precision medicine through…(Read More)

Part of President Obama’s “precision medicine” initiative is the characterization of the genomes of one million American volunteers. The proposal includes characterizing several hundred thousand new participants, and connecting the data with genetic information from hundreds of thousands of participants whose genomes have been sequenced as part of other efforts. Such efforts include a…(Read More)

Yes, President Obama’s new $215 million Precision Medicine Initiative supports important science, but it also bolsters biotech branding in a way the science doesn’t always support. To understand why clinical genomics (a more neutral descriptor) isn’t quite as reliably precise as backers like to boast, consider three tests meant to determine whether…(Read More)

I was in Silicon Valley last week for the seventh annual Personalized Medicine World Conference, and all the buzz was around clinical applications for NGS. While there have clearly been significant advances in the field, it is also clear that we are a long way off from NGS becoming a routine part of clinical care…(Read More)


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